I recall a certain Arab woman come up to me to tell me falafel is a Palestinian dish, not Israeli. And all my life I’ve encountered plenty of people who say the Middle East is Arab and that Jews don’t belong. My question to many Arabs and all people who say we don’t belong is: Where do we belong? Do Native Americans not belong in America? Do Arabs not belong in the Middle East? Of course they do! My address is not who invented humus or falafel, this is stupid and irrelevant, my address is to my Arab people because yes I am half Arab too. When will you stop the double standards? The hypocrisy! Jews are an indigenous people of the Middle East just like Kurds, and just like Arabs. When will you stop insisting the entire Middle East belongs to you alone? When will you finally realize that Arabs have over 22 states while we Jews only have one? When will you stop persecuting your own people who dare to disagree with your regimes? When will you stop demanding the world conform to the same broken systems you fled from? Jews belong in Judea, Samaria, and all Israel. We will not apologize for who we are. We have tried several countless times to make peace with our Arab neighbors to no avail. Israel is not the problem in the Middle East, you are. Until you admit that, nothing will change. Mashiach will rise and avenge us. May the day be close at hand.

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