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The Spirit of Zion

THE PITCH: “THOUSANDS OF INNOCENT PALESTINIANS ETHNICALLY CLEANSED AND MURDERED BY THE EVIL ZIONIST REGIME!” Or so the read the headlines. Gaza is once again in the news after the United States officially opened its embassy in Jerusalem and and to no surprise, thousands of angry Palestinians stormed the border fence of Gaza with Israel in an effort to tear it down and invade Israel’s territory, their “Day of rage.” Headlines like these are the common narrative for most -“Pro-Palestinian” activists, echoed by many celebrities and world leaders on the political left. Even more, media outlets like CNN, MSNBC, New York Times, among others, often publish headlines which read, “Israel Attacks Gaza,” or Palestinian Youths Killed by Israeli Soldiers.” And just like that, David is painted as Goliath and Goliath puts on the mask of David. What is worse is that most of popular society drink up these mainstream media…

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