Peace is Heroic: How to solve the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, an alternative solution…

The ancient and most holy city of Jerusalem is home to three of the world’s major religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam. And much like her, I have grown up surrounded by all three. My mother being Christian, my father being Muslim, and then me having discovered my ancestral roots and converting to Judaism. Growing up the subject of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict was an unavoidable topic of heated discussion and intense debate. Needless to say, I was immersed into this cultural and political dilemma from a very young age, so I was forced to become intimately familiar with the narratives and plights on both sides of the fence. I have visited both Israel and Palestinian territories, sat down with Arabs and Jews, with Muslims and Christians, Zionists and anti-Zionists for years. I feel that God has placed me in a unique position at the summit of the mountain where I can get a better view of the big picture, understand the full story, and offer real world solutions that work for both parties. How we achieve peace will eventually become the most heroic story of all in humanity’s future.

            Introducing The United Commonwealth of Israel and Palestine… I know it sounds crazy, it sounds different, but we need a little bit of “different” to make a real difference to finally end this age-old conflict. It is indeed a two-state solution of sorts, but not the same as that spelled out in the very outdated and failed Oslo Accords. This plan calls for the two states to inhabit the same land as a united commonwealth. This commonwealth will have two separate governing bodies within the Knesset (Parliament) itself, one Israeli and One Palestinian, but will be protected by one United Israeli-Palestinian Army where Jews and Arabs will be fully integrated and mixed for the common defense of the land both our peoples call home. Think of it as two half governments under one union, with different states for different tribes such as Druze, Samaritans, Armenians and Circassians, all of whom would be able to govern themselves under their own customs and laws while flourishing under a single united common law. So in a sense, we have a federation of separate cultures, each with their own states, united for the common defense and well-being of the land that is most holy to all of us.  In order for this plan to work, however, we need a major reform of education both in Palestinian territories as well as the greater Middle East community of nations. More than violence, an alarmingly low literacy rate due to a lack of access to a solid world class education is the biggest problem facing the Middle East. And we know that history teaches us that where there is a lack of education, ignorance prevails. And where ignorance prevails, hatred and fear find a breeding ground for generations, which in turn leads to a lack of understanding that only serves to fuel the on-going violence for generations to come. That is, if we do nothing, because we can do something powerful, and the key to all of it, is EDUCATION.

Education frees the mind and endows the human soul with greater understanding and a stronger sense of empathy for humanity, no matter our differences. Education empowers society, and allows us to progress to the next stage of human evolution. But it won’t happen on its own, it’s up to us to change the status quo. It’s up to us to be the heroes, yes the champions of peace for our generation. This vision of a United Commonwealth of Israel and Palestine is more than just a dream, it is a very real and achievable outcome that can be reached if both our peoples are willing to listen to each other’s stories and empathize with one another. Remember one thing, peace is heroic, so let’s make it happen in our lifetime.

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