There is something to be said about the frame of mind of the children of Israel in the 21st Century, that is in the year 5783, nearly 2,000 years after the Roman legions decimated our nation, destroyed our Temple, and scattered our ancestors to the ends of the earth. And about 2,500 years since our brothers and sisters from the 10 Northern tribes were scattered by the Assyrian Empire.

But where are we today? Not only scattered geographically but mentally… Where is the mind of the once forgotten Kingdom, the long lost Nation called Israel?

You might say we have a nation, we have a state, that is the modern State of Israel. You might say the dream of Zionism has been realized and is therefor finished, with no further work to be done save defending her. You might say most of the Jewish people have indeed returned from the 4 corners of the globe and we are now less than 1 percent of humanity’s population.

But… then what happened to the visions of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, of Sarah, Rebecca, Rachel and Leah?

What happened to the promise they received from the Creator about their descendants being like the stars of the sky, and like the sand of the sea shore? Surely there is much, much more to it all than meets the eye…


I am not a rabbi, nor a scholar, but I am a long lost child of that long lost nation, a member of a people who have forgotten their true calling and identity and how to believe. But who is as blind as the servant of Hashem? Having eyes but seeing not, having ears but hearing not…

You might tell me that I am taking the words of the Torah way too literal, and I should just accept things the way they are today, the reality of society’s modern problems cannot be solved by such an ancient text. Many of you may say that modern Judaism has changed and no longer requires strict adherence but logical compromise. A few of you may have the complete opposite view, that every single letter of the Torah is infallible and unchanging, with no mistakes and thus requires strict adherence like our people have done for generations.

I am here to offer an alternative solution to both parties, a middle path that is so beautiful in its simplicity…


These must be measured and weighed appropriately upon the scales of “BALANCE.”

Balance is what determines the well being of all life on Earth, from the planet itself to the every single living organism we know. Therefore, I say it is time to bypass the drama in the Knesset and restore true balance not just to the Jewish State, but to unite the hearts and minds of Jews all over the world.

That said, I am not only speaking of halachically recognized Jews of the world, but I dare speak for the countless millions of professing Israelites around the world who also deserve a voice and to be included in the global Jewish community. I’m referring of course to the so called “lost tribes” who are re-emerging all over the planet in our generation and it is no coincidence.

I am not dismissing halacha, I am simply exercising the very Jewish principle of compassion, compassion for our own and for others who want to join us. Jewish communities around the world such as the Beta Israel in Ethiopia, the Igbo of Nigeria, the Lemba of South Africa, the Benei Menashe of India, the Benei Anousim of Latin America and many more around the world represent the greatest opportunity to ACTUALLY begin to make the Geulah a very tangible reality in our days and in our very generation. We are waiting for Mashiach, but why not wait actively and do some of the work ourselves?

And it makes perfect sense for the State of Israel, because let’s face it, the Jewish State needs all the allies it can get. So just imagine how much the recognition and acceptance of these communities will impact Israel in a very positive way and strengthen the global Jewish population by millions, millions more. I am not asking rabbis to declare these people Jewish, I am asking them to surrender to the love of Hashem and recognize the truth that these people are indeed by definition – Jewish and Proud.

Our people are still lost and scattered, but not so much geographically as mentally and spiritually. The time has come to unite under a new banner for Judaism, the next chapter in the story of the Children of Israel.

The time has come to revive the heart and soul of Israel, not just the state, but the descendants all over the world, whether religious or not. Our desire is not to enforce religion, but to inspire emunah (faith), the faith of our fathers and mothers, the faith of our once lost nation that is now being found once more. The time is now, and as Hillel said…”if not now, when?”

Coming soon… “A Vision of Resurgence”


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