It has been a long time since I last wrote here, and I imagine I don’t have to remind you of all that has changed in the world for both you and me. But I have returned and I am ready to continue my writing in defense of the land and people that I know and love, the brave people of the Jewish State of Israel. We are now beginning to see an end to the horrible pandemic which has gripped the entire world since the winter of 2019. But there is another pandemic which has gripped humanity for far longer; it is one that goes back since the days we were slaves in Egypt. I am of course speaking of the global disease of racism, and the culmination of this racism displayed in our people’s ancient nemesis, not Egyptians, not Amalek, no, but the very spirit of their cruelty manifested in antisemitism. For thousands of years our people have suffered the pain and injustice of exile, the humiliation of wandering from state to state, country to country, without a nation of our own, subjected to the cruelest forms of violent religious fanaticism and intolerance often suffered at the whims of whatever nation “tolerated” our presence within their borders. But this is a life unknown to us today, it is a world that was known by our grandparents and great grandparents, an era that was ended by a brave generation of Jews, who decided enough was enough, taking matters into their own hands. The fathers of modern Zionism decided it was time for Jewish Liberation, but theirs was a liberation of Jewish nationalism, I will now bring you the next chapter in this ongoing story. Let me be the spark that lights the fires of Jewish Liberation in your mind! This year we are slaves, next year may we be a free people!

It is highly appropriate that I am writing this in the midst of the Passover holiday, because a dose of free thought is exactly what we need these days, you can smell the aromatic scent of redemption in the air and there is nothing like it. And for all those generations of wandering and exile, in fact until this day we recite the same words every year at this time, “L’shana ha ba’a b’Yirushalayim habenuyah,” “next year in a rebuilt Jerusalem,” and every day our prayers warn us to never forget our ancient homeland of Zion, never to let go of the Hope and dream of one day returning, rebuilding and resettling the land of our ancestors in freedom and dignity. It is a Hope that was crushed for 6 million of our people murdered in the Shoah, who even at their death sang “HaTikvah” with their last breath. It is a dream that is now realized in Israel! And though it is not a perfect reality, we still have much work to do to perfect it. But what are we doing in our generation? Are we working to perfect it? Are we doing anything to make it better? The answer is simply NO! Instead, we are more divided then ever before, in mind and heart, bickering at petty religious and political differences while our enemies laugh at us and jump at every opportunity to accuse us. They hated us before for being a people without a state, and now they hate us because we have a state, an army, a navy and air force, and condemn us for fighting back like angry lions. To those nations I say, WHAT THE HELL DO YOU EXPECT AFTER THE CRUSADES, INQUISITION, POGROMS, MASSACRES AND HOLOCAUST? Did you expect us to always behave like sheep being led silently to be slaughtered? The answer again is simply, NO! We will be silent no longer! We will bow to you no longer; we will bow only to the Almighty G-d of heaven and earth!

Now that we have returned to our own land, they expect us to give it up again for the sake of peace. Nay, they don’t ask, they demand that we bow the head once more and surrender to our Arab cousins and negotiate with a so called, “Palestinian Authority” which neither truly represents its own people much less provides for their welfare. They expect us to sign a treaty with those who praise the murderers of our children, treating them like heroes in their community and media. That’s not even the craziest part; the craziest part is that we have tried the same tactic before in 2005 with the pullout from Gaza, and where has that gotten us? Need I say more? I assure you, any agreement signed for a so called, “Two State Solution,” is a recipe for disaster, regardless if we sign it with Fatah, Hamas, or hasatan himself. Oslo is dead, and it should stay very dead. The Palestinian Authority should be completely dismantled and Judea and Samaria annexed as part of Israel. Of course many of you will think I’m crazy, most likely because you will mention that there are more Arabs in those regions than there are Jews, and that granting citizenship to the Arabs would mean political suicide for the Jewish State, and to that I would say to all of you that you have no idea what you’re talking about, because all of this has a very simple and tangible answer, one we can work hard to achieve, and it could mean real lasting peace with our neighbors, who will no longer view us as enemies, but friends. Dreaming, am I? They said the same thing about Herzl, didn’t they?

This is the beginning of a long narrative with several parts, and I hope that all of you who read my words will pay attention and think of the possibilities. Please do not simply dismiss me as “just another religious Zionist,” or as a racist Jew who hates Arabs, no my friends, I cannot hate Arabs or anyone for that matter, because I too am half Arab. I am indeed a Jew on my mother’s side, the blood of Abraham, Isaac and Israel flows in my veins. But I am also proud to be Arab on my father’s side, the blood of Ishmael also flows within me. I am a child of the Middle East just like my Palestinian neighbor. And my plan will demonstrate how two distinctly different people from two very different cultures are not only more similar than you think, but can also live together in peace in the same land and each side with their dignity and honor upheld. This the first part of a series of articles I will be writing on this topic. And it is my hope that all of you will listen to what I have to say, the future of the land we love and that of our children and grandchildren depend on it. For their sake, please listen to what I have to say. This year we are slaves within our minds, slaves to our political systems, slaves to our dogmas and bad habits. They say the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. Don’t you think it’s time we stop expecting a peaceful result from giving away more land and instead try something completely different? Stay tuned for my next post, where I will begin to enlighten you with the concept of Jewish Liberation. The time is now, my name is Uzi Darwiche and I am the Spirit of Zion.

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