For Zion’s sake, I will not keep silent…” -Yeshayahu (Isaiah) 62:1

On this early morning of fifth day of the month of Tammuz, in the year 5778, corresponding to the Gregorian date of June 18th, 2018, I Ossman Jamal Darwiche, a lost Jewish exile both ethnically and spiritually and returned convert to the people of Israel as a full and complete proud Jew, having taken the name Uziyahu Ben Avraham upon myself, was among the descended exiles of my people in America. There I realized that while Israel has been physically restored as a nation, praised be Hashem, the scattered people of Israel are still in exile both mentally and spiritually. While I do believe with perfect faith that redemption will come in the days of the Messiah, I believe it is up to us to redeem and to liberate the Jewish mind now, and in our days. The Jewish Liberation Organization (JLO) will seek and take on the burden of this dream as our sacred and solemn mission to inspire the Jewish people, our people, with pride and honor, and to strengthen the Jewish psyche. We shall never again bow our heads to the anti-Semitic whims of the nations nor shall we ever again apologize for who we are and where we come from. For we carry a sacred and holy name upon our shoulders, the name of Avraham, Yitzhak and Yaakov our fathers and Sarah, Rivka, Rachel and Leah our mothers, the name of Israel. The blood of kings and prophets flows in our veins and the breath of the Almighty gives us strength, and only to His will alone shall we bow and not to any mortal nor to any image. Our people live and endure, and let all of human history be our witness that the Holy Ancient of Days is in our midst. Amen!

      Part 1:

  • We are open minded religious and secular Zionists who believe that all the Promised Land as described to the Children of Israel within the Holy Torah, belongs to Israel.
  • We believe that all the borders of Israel should remain under Israeli Sovereignty from Eilat to the Golan, from the border of Egypt to the border of Lebanon, from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea.
  • That the regions of Judea and Samaria, also known as “The West Bank,” are not occupied territories, but disputed territories.
  • That Judea and Samaria belong to the Jews and should be annexed by the Israeli Government based on the same natural and historic rights with which the nation was reborn on the 5th day of the month of Iyar 5708.
  • That Jerusalem is our home and eternal capital, not a bargaining piece, and should remain united and protected under Israeli sovereignty.
  • We defend the rights of all Jewish pioneers in the disputed areas of Judea and Samaria. They are not settlers, occupiers, or an obstacle to peace, but are the natural, historic and indigenous inhabitants of the ancient Kingdom of Israel. It is their God given right to build and cultivate the land however they see fit.
  • We believe that the term “Palestinian,” when used correctly, refers to Jews, Arabs, Druze, Samaritans, Circassians, and any other natural inhabitants of the once imperial territory then known as Palestine, never once an independent country under that name, but now known once more as Israel, a free and vibrant beacon of democracy in the Middle East.
  • We also believe that the Arab inhabitants of the land should live along-side us in peaceful coexistence, as any other people, and as full and equal citizens of the Jewish State.
  • We believe that terrorism in all its ugly forms will hence forth be met with absolutely zero tolerance and severe punishments. Perpetrators, accomplices and conspirators alike will be dealt with as the commanding officers of the Israel Defense Forces, Shin Bet, or Mossad see fit.
  • That all properties belonging to terrorists shall be automatically forfeited, including citizenship if Israeli. That the most serious terrorists will be either imprisoned for life or executed according to the Torah and their immediate relatives permanently deported and banished from Israel. We believe that less severe terrorists should receive appropriate measures of sentencing, but no trial. Trials are for criminals, terrorism falls under a completely different category and should thus require no trial. These laws ensure that any and all would-be enemies think twice on the consequences of their actions not only upon themselves, but their families as well, before engaging in acts of terror.
  • This last step is the most crucial and consists of several parts.
  • In the years since the Oslo Accords the so called Palestinian Authority has proven useless in both the welfare of their own people and in making even minimal efforts for peace with Israel. Therefore, the PA should be immediately and completely dismantled, and the Israeli Government secure total control over all of Judea and Samaria, Arab and Jewish cities and towns alike.
  • That Israel recapture Gaza, and apply Israeli sovereignty, completely shutting down Hamas, Islamic Jihad and any of their sympathizers by any means necessary to secure the safety of the entire region for both Arabs and Jews.
  • That the Israeli Ministry of Education throw out all PA and Hamas endorsed textbooks and replace them with real books proper to a solid human education for all children of whatever background and religion, assuming control of the education of Arab and Jewish students alike, fully integrated, side by side.
  • Most importantly, that Israel with the help and support of the Jewish Liberation Organization (JLO ), and any other organization supporting our vision for a new Israel, commence a new and aggressive campaign to inspire Aliyah for any and all Jews around the world though compelling incentives and promoting the overall improved quality of life that would result in Judea and Samaria along with all open frontiers of the Land of Israel. Education is the key to solving the greatest problems facing humanity, let us therefore make education our primary weapon to win this war once and for all.

Part II:

We the members of the Jewish Liberation Organization hereby propose the passing of a new law in the Knesset, requiring all Israeli citizens, including Arabs naturalized as full and equal citizens with the annexation of Judea and Samaria, to take upon themselves a sacred national oath, Jews swearing or affirming upon a Tanak, Christians upon a Holy Bible, Muslims upon the Holy Qur’an, that simply says they will live and abide by Israeli laws and will not engage in any kind of terrorism weather against their fellow Israelis or any other people. All the oath affirms is that Israelis of any ethnicity or background will simply not physically harm anyone. This law should be very easy for anyone to do because it is requiring nothing else but peaceful coexistence as full and equal citizens. Any and all citizens who thereafter violate this law or refuse to take the oath, whether Arab or Jewish, is by definition condoning terrorism against Israeli citizens, and these violators should be immediately tried in a court of law, their citizenship forfeited if found guilty, and deported from the country immediately thereafter. This is understandably an aggressive campaign but absolutely necessary for the future of Israel. It is not racist nor genocidal in any way because all we are doing is expelling those who openly condone terrorism, and whatever other country in the world receives them can deal with these individuals as they see fit. Any and all Palestinian Arabs who do commit to taking the national oath can and will be able to remain in Israel as full and equal citizens under the law, therefore we are not expelling a single race, religion or ethnicity, simply individuals who mean harm to you and me. How would such a law not be the most logical and fundamental course of action?

Theodore Herzl was not a religious Jew himself, but he was perhaps a modern prophetic instrument in God’s hands. Herzl said, “If you will it, it is no dream.” We at the Jewish Liberation Organization believe that his work and vision are far from having been accomplished yet. The rest of the story rests upon your shoulders and mine; it is ultimately up to us, Herzl’s heirs. Yalla, let’s get to work!

  • עוזיהו בן אברהם דרויש
  • 5th of Tammuz, 5778
  • 06/18/2018

One thought on “The Jewish Liberation Organization

  1. I think the peaceful law that you mention is already law. It is the law of all religion. In our actions, we need to love one another the same, even our neighbour, who is different, and that is when we obey this law.


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