The Jewish Liberation Organization

For Zion’s sake, I will not keep silent…” -Yeshayahu (Isaiah) 62:1

On this early morning of fifth day of the month of Tammuz, in the year 5778, corresponding to the Gregorian date of June 18th, 2018, I Ossman Jamal Darwiche, a lost Jewish exile both ethnically and spiritually and returned convert to the people of Israel as a full and complete proud Jew, having taken the name Uziyahu Ben Avraham upon myself, was among the descended exiles of my people in America. There I realized that while Israel has been physically restored as a nation, praised be Hashem, the scattered people of Israel are still in exile both mentally and spiritually. While I do believe with perfect faith that redemption will come in the days of the Messiah, I believe it is up to us to redeem and to liberate the Jewish mind now, and in our days. The Jewish Liberation Organization (JLO) will seek and take on the burden of this dream as our sacred and solemn mission to inspire the Jewish people, our people, with pride and honor, and to strengthen the Jewish psyche. We shall never again bow our heads to the anti-Semitic whims of the nations nor shall we ever again apologize for who we are and where we come from. For we carry a sacred and holy name upon our shoulders, the name of Avraham, Yitzhak and Yaakov our fathers and Sarah, Rivka, Rachel and Leah our mothers, the name of Israel. The blood of kings and prophets flows in our veins and the breath of the Almighty gives us strength, and only to His will alone shall we bow and not to any mortal nor to any image. Our people live and endure, and let all of human history be our witness that the Holy Ancient of Days is in our midst. Amen!

      Part 1:

  • We are open minded religious and secular Zionists who believe that all the Promised Land as described to the Children of Israel within the Holy Torah, belongs to Israel.
  • We believe that all the borders of Israel should remain under Israeli Sovereignty from Eilat to the Golan, from the border of Egypt to the border of Lebanon, from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea.
  • That the regions of Judea and Samaria, also known as “The West Bank,” are not occupied territories, but disputed territories.
  • That Judea and Samaria belong to the Jews and should be annexed by the Israeli Government based on the same natural and historic rights with which the nation was reborn on the 5th day of the month of Iyar 5708.
  • That Jerusalem is our home and eternal capital, not a bargaining piece, and should remain united and protected under Israeli sovereignty.
  • We defend the rights of all Jewish pioneers in the disputed areas of Judea and Samaria. They are not settlers, occupiers, or an obstacle to peace, but are the natural, historic and indigenous inhabitants of the ancient Kingdom of Israel. It is their God given right to build and cultivate the land however they see fit.
  • We believe that the term “Palestinian,” when used correctly, refers to Jews, Arabs, Druze, Samaritans, Circassians, and any other natural inhabitants of the once imperial territory then known as Palestine, never once an independent country under that name, but now known once more as Israel, a free and vibrant beacon of democracy in the Middle East.
  • We also believe that the Arab inhabitants of the land should live along-side us in peaceful coexistence, as any other people, and as full and equal citizens of the Jewish State.
  • We believe that terrorism in all its ugly forms will hence forth be met with absolutely zero tolerance and severe punishments. Perpetrators, accomplices and conspirators alike will be dealt with as the commanding officers of the Israel Defense Forces, Shin Bet, or Mossad see fit.
  • That all properties belonging to terrorists shall be automatically forfeited, including citizenship if Israeli. That the most serious terrorists will be either imprisoned for life or executed according to the Torah and their immediate relatives permanently deported and banished from Israel. We believe that less severe terrorists should receive appropriate measures of sentencing, but no trial. Trials are for criminals, terrorism falls under a completely different category and should thus require no trial. These laws ensure that any and all would-be enemies think twice on the consequences of their actions not only upon themselves, but their families as well, before engaging in acts of terror.
  • This last step is the most crucial and consists of several parts.
  • In the years since the Oslo Accords the so called Palestinian Authority has proven useless in both the welfare of their own people and in making even minimal efforts for peace with Israel. Therefore, the PA should be immediately and completely dismantled, and the Israeli Government secure total control over all of Judea and Samaria, Arab and Jewish cities and towns alike.
  • That Israel recapture Gaza, and apply Israeli sovereignty, completely shutting down Hamas, Islamic Jihad and any of their sympathizers by any means necessary to secure the safety of the entire region for both Arabs and Jews.
  • That the Israeli Ministry of Education throw out all PA and Hamas endorsed textbooks and replace them with real books proper to a solid human education for all children of whatever background and religion, assuming control of the education of Arab and Jewish students alike, fully integrated, side by side.
  • Most importantly, that Israel with the help and support of the Jewish Liberation Organization (JLO ), and any other organization supporting our vision for a new Israel, commence a new and aggressive campaign to inspire Aliyah for any and all Jews around the world though compelling incentives and promoting the overall improved quality of life that would result in Judea and Samaria along with all open frontiers of the Land of Israel. Education is the key to solving the greatest problems facing humanity, let us therefore make education our primary weapon to win this war once and for all.

Part II:

We the members of the Jewish Liberation Organization hereby propose the passing of a new law in the Knesset, requiring all Israeli citizens, including Arabs naturalized as full and equal citizens with the annexation of Judea and Samaria, to take upon themselves a sacred national oath, Jews swearing or affirming upon a Tanak, Christians upon a Holy Bible, Muslims upon the Holy Qur’an, that simply says they will live and abide by Israeli laws and will not engage in any kind of terrorism weather against their fellow Israelis or any other people. All the oath affirms is that Israelis of any ethnicity or background will simply not physically harm anyone. This law should be very easy for anyone to do because it is requiring nothing else but peaceful coexistence as full and equal citizens. Any and all citizens who thereafter violate this law or refuse to take the oath, whether Arab or Jewish, is by definition condoning terrorism against Israeli citizens, and these violators should be immediately tried in a court of law, their citizenship forfeited if found guilty, and deported from the country immediately thereafter. This is understandably an aggressive campaign but absolutely necessary for the future of Israel. It is not racist nor genocidal in any way because all we are doing is expelling those who openly condone terrorism, and whatever other country in the world receives them can deal with these individuals as they see fit. Any and all Palestinian Arabs who do commit to taking the national oath can and will be able to remain in Israel as full and equal citizens under the law, therefore we are not expelling a single race, religion or ethnicity, simply individuals who mean harm to you and me. How would such a law not be the most logical and fundamental course of action?

Theodore Herzl was not a religious Jew himself, but he was perhaps a modern prophetic instrument in God’s hands. Herzl said, “If you will it, it is no dream.” We at the Jewish Liberation Organization believe that his work and vision are far from having been accomplished yet. The rest of the story rests upon your shoulders and mine; it is ultimately up to us, Herzl’s heirs. Yalla, let’s get to work!

  • עוזיהו בן אברהם דרויש
  • 5th of Tammuz, 5778
  • 06/18/2018

Intro to Jewish Liberation

It has been a long time since I last wrote here, and I imagine I don’t have to remind you of all that has changed in the world for both you and me. But I have returned and I am ready to continue my writing in defense of the land and people that I know and love, the brave people of the Jewish State of Israel. We are now beginning to see an end to the horrible pandemic which has gripped the entire world since the winter of 2019. But there is another pandemic which has gripped humanity for far longer; it is one that goes back since the days we were slaves in Egypt. I am of course speaking of the global disease of racism, and the culmination of this racism displayed in our people’s ancient nemesis, not Egyptians, not Amalek, no, but the very spirit of their cruelty manifested in antisemitism. For thousands of years our people have suffered the pain and injustice of exile, the humiliation of wandering from state to state, country to country, without a nation of our own, subjected to the cruelest forms of violent religious fanaticism and intolerance often suffered at the whims of whatever nation “tolerated” our presence within their borders. But this is a life unknown to us today, it is a world that was known by our grandparents and great grandparents, an era that was ended by a brave generation of Jews, who decided enough was enough, taking matters into their own hands. The fathers of modern Zionism decided it was time for Jewish Liberation, but theirs was a liberation of Jewish nationalism, I will now bring you the next chapter in this ongoing story. Let me be the spark that lights the fires of Jewish Liberation in your mind! This year we are slaves, next year may we be a free people!

It is highly appropriate that I am writing this in the midst of the Passover holiday, because a dose of free thought is exactly what we need these days, you can smell the aromatic scent of redemption in the air and there is nothing like it. And for all those generations of wandering and exile, in fact until this day we recite the same words every year at this time, “L’shana ha ba’a b’Yirushalayim habenuyah,” “next year in a rebuilt Jerusalem,” and every day our prayers warn us to never forget our ancient homeland of Zion, never to let go of the Hope and dream of one day returning, rebuilding and resettling the land of our ancestors in freedom and dignity. It is a Hope that was crushed for 6 million of our people murdered in the Shoah, who even at their death sang “HaTikvah” with their last breath. It is a dream that is now realized in Israel! And though it is not a perfect reality, we still have much work to do to perfect it. But what are we doing in our generation? Are we working to perfect it? Are we doing anything to make it better? The answer is simply NO! Instead, we are more divided then ever before, in mind and heart, bickering at petty religious and political differences while our enemies laugh at us and jump at every opportunity to accuse us. They hated us before for being a people without a state, and now they hate us because we have a state, an army, a navy and air force, and condemn us for fighting back like angry lions. To those nations I say, WHAT THE HELL DO YOU EXPECT AFTER THE CRUSADES, INQUISITION, POGROMS, MASSACRES AND HOLOCAUST? Did you expect us to always behave like sheep being led silently to be slaughtered? The answer again is simply, NO! We will be silent no longer! We will bow to you no longer; we will bow only to the Almighty G-d of heaven and earth!

Now that we have returned to our own land, they expect us to give it up again for the sake of peace. Nay, they don’t ask, they demand that we bow the head once more and surrender to our Arab cousins and negotiate with a so called, “Palestinian Authority” which neither truly represents its own people much less provides for their welfare. They expect us to sign a treaty with those who praise the murderers of our children, treating them like heroes in their community and media. That’s not even the craziest part; the craziest part is that we have tried the same tactic before in 2005 with the pullout from Gaza, and where has that gotten us? Need I say more? I assure you, any agreement signed for a so called, “Two State Solution,” is a recipe for disaster, regardless if we sign it with Fatah, Hamas, or hasatan himself. Oslo is dead, and it should stay very dead. The Palestinian Authority should be completely dismantled and Judea and Samaria annexed as part of Israel. Of course many of you will think I’m crazy, most likely because you will mention that there are more Arabs in those regions than there are Jews, and that granting citizenship to the Arabs would mean political suicide for the Jewish State, and to that I would say to all of you that you have no idea what you’re talking about, because all of this has a very simple and tangible answer, one we can work hard to achieve, and it could mean real lasting peace with our neighbors, who will no longer view us as enemies, but friends. Dreaming, am I? They said the same thing about Herzl, didn’t they?

This is the beginning of a long narrative with several parts, and I hope that all of you who read my words will pay attention and think of the possibilities. Please do not simply dismiss me as “just another religious Zionist,” or as a racist Jew who hates Arabs, no my friends, I cannot hate Arabs or anyone for that matter, because I too am half Arab. I am indeed a Jew on my mother’s side, the blood of Abraham, Isaac and Israel flows in my veins. But I am also proud to be Arab on my father’s side, the blood of Ishmael also flows within me. I am a child of the Middle East just like my Palestinian neighbor. And my plan will demonstrate how two distinctly different people from two very different cultures are not only more similar than you think, but can also live together in peace in the same land and each side with their dignity and honor upheld. This the first part of a series of articles I will be writing on this topic. And it is my hope that all of you will listen to what I have to say, the future of the land we love and that of our children and grandchildren depend on it. For their sake, please listen to what I have to say. This year we are slaves within our minds, slaves to our political systems, slaves to our dogmas and bad habits. They say the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. Don’t you think it’s time we stop expecting a peaceful result from giving away more land and instead try something completely different? Stay tuned for my next post, where I will begin to enlighten you with the concept of Jewish Liberation. The time is now, my name is Uzi Darwiche and I am the Spirit of Zion.

America and Israel 2020

It’s the end of the world as we know it! Or so they say, but I say it is only the beginning of a new prosperous era for both America and Israel. Things have gotten a lot more complicated in the international arena, and that’s just putting it mildly. In the last year alone, the bond between my two beloved countries, Israel and the United States, has only strengthened and continues to grow stronger every day since President Trump moved the US Embassy to Jerusalem, recognizing the holy city as Israel’s undivided and eternal capital, as well as US recognition of Israel’s rights over Judea and Samaria and the Golan Heights. Meanwhile our enemies seek to destroy us, as antisemitism – along with other forms of racism, has only gotten worse, with random attacks carried out on Jewish communities across Europe and the USA, and Israel itself always on the receiving end of rocket attacks from Hamas and Islamic Jihad, and threats emanating from Iran, whose own citizens are in an uproar calling for the complete downfall of the Ayatollah, as the regime murders its own people in the streets of Tehran in cold blood, because they dared to protest after the downing of a commercial aircraft carrying several Iranian and Ukrainian citizens, just the latest of repeated offenses the Iranian regime has perpetrated on their own populace.

Meanwhile in the United States, the Democratic party continues to relentlessly pursue their now nearly four year old coup d’état against President Donald J. Trump, beginning with accusations of collusion with Russia and now regarding a recorded phone call with the President of the Ukraine as well as the recent targeted assassination of Qasem Soleimani, the Iranian general behind the deaths of over 600 Americans and many other innocent Iraqis, Iranians, Saudis, and Israelis. Regarding the death of Soleimani, the Democrats say that President Trump acted on impulse and had no right to take such drastic measures, and that he has single-handedly brought us closer to World War III. As both a proud American Patriot and unapologetic Zionist, I have a few points to make on the matter.

Point number one: The President of the United States of America is the Commander in Chief of our Armed Forces and the leader of our Executive branch of government and as such has full authority, elected by the people, and vested with constitutional powers to order the targeted assassination of any enemy combatant threatening the lives and interests of American citizens, at the President’s discretion, and I fully support his right to said power. The Democrats are acting like Trump is the only American President to make such a calculated decision, but what about Obama, Bush, Clinton and Reagan? They all made similar calls during their administrations, if not much worse. General Qasem Soleimani was a cold-blooded killer, and allowing him to live while he was within our sights would have resulted in catastrophic consequences as he was planning a series of deadly terror attacks against the United States and Israel. We had the shot and took it, having considered all options, we chose to neutralize the threat, as any responsible leader would have done in President Trump’s position. Politically, I have been an Independent since high school; I have witnessed the actions of American Presidents since the days of Bill Clinton and have never seen a politician actually follow through on each and every one of their campaign promises, until Donald Trump, he’s no saint, and no I don’t always agree with what he says, but the man gets the job done, and superbly I may add, so much so that I am not only going to vote for him again in November of 2020, but am also strongly considering changing my political party and becoming a Republican. I’d be happy to elaborate more on that subject in a future post.

Regarding Israel’s current election nightmare, I fully support Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, because I believe in strong leadership that does not cower or apologize in the face of our enemies. The liberals there are attempting the same strategy as the liberals here in the USA, a coup d’état to remove Bibi from office and install one of their own puppet leaders. I fully support the annexation of Judea and Samaria AKA – the “West Bank,” into the sovereign State of Israel, because I believe the Oslo Accords are currently pretty much on life-support and we’re about to pull the plug all-together. Netanyahu has had his weak points, but in recent years he has not only brought his country forward into a more capitalist style society and strengthened Israel’s economy, but has brought the Jewish State further ahead of any other country in the 21st century, not to mention remarkable foreign policy achievements abroad and outstanding performance by both the Shin-Beth and the Mossad in cooperation with the CIA against Iran and other enemies.

In conclusion, I for one, cannot be happier with the current achievements of both our countries. If baseless hatred and antisemitism is rising, it is not because of Trump or Netanyahu. Our enemies are not emboldened, but enraged, enraged because Americans and Israelis are waking up and finally standing up to them and facing our enemies without fear and unapologetic of who we are and what we believe. They hate us, so they hit us, but if they hit us, rest assured we will hit back with devastating force. The sacred alliance between Israel and the United States of America is stronger than ever before and it will not be shaken; our countries and our allies are strong and we will continue to carry the blazing torch of freedom and democracy wherever we go in the world, because although we are not, nor do we want to be, the owners of the world, we do have a vision to what the world should look like, and we will continue to fight until that vision becomes a reality, for Israel, for the USA, and for all members of the free world. My name is Uzi Darwiche, and I am a proud and fearless Zionist, Cuban-Jewish and Lebanese – American Conservative Patriot, and if you sympathize with Hamas or Iran, you can consider me your worst nightmare. This is 2020 and I AM THE SPIRIT OF ZION!

My “Apartheid” State

Come with me on a journey, to a country which many people claim is an illegitimate, racist and apartheid state. A country which is said to treat its native Arab population like second class citizens while the Zionist invaders dominate them. But that is not my Israel, that is not the country I have come to know and love. Come with me and I will show you the real Israel the media does not want you to see. It’s time to dispel the myths and lies surrounding our tiny democratic Jewish state, surrounded by hostile neighbors who threaten us on a daily basis. Let me show you what life is really like in my “apartheid state.”

Israel is a 71-year-old, small but powerful, culturally rich and diverse, democratic Jewish State. We are the only independent Jewish nation in the whole world. We are the only real democratic country in the entire Middle East, and the only land to be redeemed by its original indigenous inhabitants in all of human history. That’s right, Arabs are not the only indigenous people of the Middle East, in case you didn’t know about the rest of us. We the people of the Middle East, from North Africa to the Levant and the Persian Gulf, are Arabs, Jews, Samaritans, Druze, Kurds, Yazidi, among others. We are Jews, Christians, Muslims, Bahai, and many others. Today I would like to focus on the tiny fraction of the land which for some reason many people like to focus on, Israel, the original native homeland of the Jewish People.

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Jews in Israel

For over 3,000 years Jews have lived in this land, from the stream of Egypt to the great river Euphrates. From the days of the patriarchs, Abraham, whom our rabbis call “the first Jew,” his son Isaac who was the first Jew to be born and raised in the land, then called Canaan, and his son Jacob who would be called Israel. Israel would go on to beget 12 sons, who would become the heads of the 12 tribes of the Children of Israel, also known as the Hebrews, and eventually would be known as the Jewish people. Under Joseph, whose name is still born by the ancient channels and silos of Egypt, the people of Israel grew into a mighty nation of peoples and lived in the Egyptian province of Goshen. Eventually, the Torah says a new pharaoh came to power, who did not Joseph, and enslaved the Israelites, fearing them to be too numerous and more powerful than the Egyptians. For 430 years, the Children of Israel languished in Egypt, entire generations being born and raised in the most brutal forms of slavery in the ancient world. According to our sacred texts, it was then that YHVH, may His Name be blessed, the Great I AM, El-Shaddai, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, called Moses and Aaron and sent them to Egypt. From there God would rain 10 devastating plagues upon Egypt, culminating with the Passover, for which pharaoh at last surrendered to God’s power and let His people go. After bringing our ancestors through the Red Sea, establishing the eternal Law for us at Mount Sinai, and faithfully leading us through the wilderness for 40 years, it was Joshua who finally crossed the Jordan river with the people and conquered the land of the Canaanites, distributing the land to Israel according to their tribes. After centuries of conflict with Canaanites, Philistines, Ammonites, Amalekites, Midianites, and others, the prophet Samuel anointed Saul of the tribe of Benjamin to be Israel’s first mortal king. King Saul with his son Prince Jonathan united the tribes, and valiantly defended his nation, but his reign would not end peacefully, after seeing Saul grow corrupt in his reign, Samuel, by the will of God, anointed a young shepherd who was destined to become Israel’s new king, and its most beloved. King David was known for his humility and strength, with a fierce love for God and his people, he not only defended Israel but subjugated her enemies all around, conquering more land from the stream of Egypt all the way to the great river Euphrates. All that land became known as David’s Empire, the sovereign Kingdom of Israel, with Jerusalem as its eternal capital, lovingly called “Zion” since that time. It was there that his son Solomon the Wise would build the first Temple in Jerusalem dedicated to the One God of Heaven and Earth.

After Solomon, the United Kingdom of Israel divided into two separate kingdoms, with ten tribes in the northern Kingdom of Israel – sometimes called Ephraim since it was the largest of its tribes, and two tribes in the southern Kingdom of Judah – also known as Judea since it was the largest of its tribes. In 722 BCE, the northern kingdom of Israel fell to the Assyrian Empire, who subsequently exiled the people of Israel’s ten northern tribes and scattered them across the expanse of Assyria’s reach so as to discourage all thoughts of reclaiming their homeland. But the Assyrians could not conquer Judea, whose kingdom and Davidic dynasty would stand for another near century and a half, also some few members of the northern tribes escaped and would return to join their southern brethren of Judea. In 586 BCE, the Babylonian Empire came and conquered Judea, laying waste all its cities, taking her people captive, and destroying Jerusalem, including the Holy Temple. That night proved a disaster for the people of Judea, whose exiles became forever labeled by their captors as “Judeans” or simply “Yehudim (Jews).” That exile lasted for 70 years, before Cyrus the Great of Persia decreed freedom for the Jews to return to their homeland and rebuild their holy city of Jerusalem and the Temple itself.

Under such leaders as Zerubabel, Ezra, and Nehemia, the Jews rebuilt Judea from scratch, and Judaism was brilliantly revived among the Jewish people. The new Jerusalem and second Temple stood for centuries, eventually falling captive to the oppressive rule of Antiochus IV of the Greco-Syrian Seleucid Empire. They decreed the abolition of all local religions and the enforced adoption of Greek imperial customs including the worship of Greek gods, Judaism was outlawed on pain of death. The Jews suffered, until Mattathias and Judah Maccabi arose and fought back, leading the Jews in a miraculous guerilla war, defeating the Greco Syrians and establishing the Jewish Hasmonean Kingdom which lasted over a century until the arrival of Pompei and the Roman Empire in 63 BCE. Judea fell to the Roman Empire, eventually appointing King Herod to rule as a proxy-king. It was during this time that Jesus of Nazareth arose and preached his message of redemption throughout Judea and northern Galilee and the rise of the first Christians. It is important to note that at this time, that Jewish and Christian influence were greatly impacting not only the Middle East, but the entire Mediterranean region as well, from the Iberian Peninsula to the farthest reaches of Media and Persia. Years later, the Jews became fed up with Roman oppression and rebelled, effectively expelling Roman forces from Judea circa 67 CE. But it was not long before a humiliated Rome returned with vengeance through Titus Vespasian. And so it was that in the year 70 CE, Jerusalem fell once again, and the second Holy Temple destroyed on the same day and month as the first time centuries earlier. Most of the Jews were taken captive as slaves and carried off into exile to Rome, and eventually scattered throughout the Roman Empire, while an imperial decree changed the name of the land from Judea to Palistinae, with the objective of further humiliating the Jews and discouraging hopes of return. Although a remnant minority of Jews always remained in Judea, the major population of Jews outside the Roman world shifted eastward to the communities of Babylon. This exile would last nearly 2000 years, and during this time Jews reorganized their faith into a major religion, though they were often viewed by others as a nuisance wandering people, traveling from country to country, persecuted by all, prospering in some places for some time, but eventually falling prey to the violent wrath of antisemitism. In all that time, our people never forgot their sacred homeland of Zion, and Jerusalem. In all our wanderings, wherever our descendants were living in the world, our prayers would turn toward the ancient land of Israel, praying every holiday and longing, for our people to return from exile and reclaim the land of Zion once more, for the Messiah to come and lead us into a new and unprecedented age of world peace. This was the original Zionist dream, since the time of David and Solomon, to this very day. For thousands of years, most nations forgot about our age-old dream, but through all the wars, crusades, inquisitions and pogroms, we Jews never let go of “Ha Tikvah – The Hope” to live in freedom in the land of Zion and Jerusalem. It wasn’t until the late 19th century that leaders like Leo Pinsker, Theodore Herzl, Israel Zangwill, Max Nordau, and Eliezer Ben Yehuda reignited the spark of the once dying flame of Zionism, now reborn into a national political movement which sought to bring the age old dream of Jewish self determination to life and turn what was once thought an impossible fantasy into a tangible reality. In August of 1897, the first Zionist Congress was convened in Basel, Switzerland – seeking to solve the crisis of global antisemitism, by reclaiming the Jewish Homeland. It was Israel Zangwill who then rewrote a passage of the Psalms, when he stated,

“By the rivers of Babylon we sat down and wept as we remembered Zion. By the rivers of Basel we resolved to weep no more.”

Theodore Herzl was the spearhead of the Zionist movement, having laid out his vision in his famous book, “The Jewish State.” Although Herzl died in 1904, his followers carried his light into the future, seeking to purchase the region of Palestine from the Ottoman Empire. But it would take decades of conflict, and two world wars before the dream could finally be realized. Herzl himself stated almost prophetically, that his generation would not do it, but perhaps 50 years after him. Although Jewish immigrants were arriving to the shores of the Holy Land since the late 15th century and growing in population, the Zionist vision caused hundreds more to escape antisemitism in their respective regions and seek a new life in Palestine. By the late 19th century, though still a minority in greater Palestine, Jews were the majority population of Jerusalem.

It wasn’t until the autumn season of 1917 at the height of World War I, then called the “War to End All Wars,” that the British Empire defeated the Ottoman Turks at the battle of Megiddo, claiming Jerusalem and all of Palestine under British territorial rule. It was at this time that the British Government issued the famous Balfour Declaration, which guaranteed the creation of a Jewish Homeland in Palestine. The political borders of Palestine reached from the Mediterranean coast, to the borders of Iraq and Syria. The British decided to partition Palestine into two states, the larger half east of the Jordan River would be the Palestinian Arab state, and the smaller half west of the Jordan River would be for Palestinian Jews to create their state. Although most of the Arab world rejected this two-state plan, the Jews accepted anything we could get.

Sadly, it would take more massacres of Jewish towns, villages and places of worship, the Second World War and the catastrophic horrors of the Holocaust, for the world to realize that the creation of a Jewish State was desperately needed. Against all odds, on May 14th, 1948, Prime Minister David Ben Gurion and his cabinet seized the opportunity when British forces withdrew from Palestine and declared the establishment of the independent Jewish State in Palestine to be called, Israel. And so it was that after almost 2,000 years of exile, the Jews had come home, and as prophesied, reclaimed their sacred ancient homeland. Attacked on all sides by 5 Arab nations, Israel defended herself valiantly and achieved miraculous victory, as if divine providence was somehow guiding them. But Jordanian Arab forces captured Jerusalem at that time, expelled Jewish families from the holy city and destroyed their homes. It would be 19 years before Israel would be forced to defend itself once more in the Six Day War in the summer of 1967, capturing Sinai, Gaza, Judea-Samaria, the Golan Heights, and above all prizes, at long last liberated the old city of Jerusalem itself. For the first time in millennia, Jerusalem was in Jewish hands again. Since then Jews have made Aliyah (the act of Jews emigrating to Israel) from all over the world, joining our native brethren whose families had lived in the land since the days of the first and second Temples.

Now 71 years young, Israel has fought many wars, conducted countless clandestine operations, and mastered the art of counter-terrorism, advancing in technology, business, agriculture, and commerce; she is known today as “the start-up nation,” because she is home to so many different start-up businesses, innovative ideas, cutting edge medicine, and yes, Jews today make up the majority of Israel’s citizens. According to the latest demographic stats, Jews make up well over 70% of Israel’s population, over 6,700,000 people. About 44% of Jews in Israel describe themselves as secular, while less than 15% say they are religious in some way. Although the Israeli Government is secular, the mystic voices of rabbinic opinion have powerful influence in the land. Israel has a Parliamentary Democratic institution without a formal constitution, with a figure-head president and active prime ministers who mostly lead by forming coalition governments. The Knesset, Israel’s Parliament, has 120 seats, filled by several different political parties, from the most secular left to the most religious right. Although the land has been ruled by a plethora of kingdoms and empires, it has only been the Jewish State which has protected the rights of all ethnic and religious minorities to worship freely in a land that is home and most holy to all of us. Under all other rules, at one time or another, one religious group barred some other group from entering or living freely in the region, while under Israeli rule, all faiths and religious views are welcomed to worship freely, so long as one does not impose its way upon another. In today’s Israel, Jews, Christians, Muslims, Druze, and Bahai all worship the God of Abraham in their own ways in the same Holy Land. It is said that she is home to all the monotheistic faiths of the world, but historically, it was the Children of Israel, AKA the Jewish people who were the pioneers of faith and culture in this land and are today the oldest indigenous peoples of Judea and Israel, a land which bears their ancient names etched onto so many ancient coins, ancient ruins, pottery and other archaeological artifacts discovered there today. Israel is the homeland of the Jews; it is the dream of Zion brought back to life. She is our native motherland and our eternal home, and Jerusalem is our eternal united capital, here to stay. In Jerusalem, Jews gather at the Western Wall, which is the last remaining wall of the exterior platform which held the first and second Holy Temples, there we mourn for Jerusalem, just as our ancestors did in that same place before us, and pray for the Messiah to come, for the Temple to be rebuilt and for world peace through the love of God to cover the Earth as the waters cover the seas, until that day, we Jews are home, and we will not apologize for that, we are here to stay. “Am Israel Chai! The people of Israel live!”

  • Christians

Roman Catholic clergy men hold candles a

For the last two millennia, the land of Israel has also been home to another great community, Christians. In about the year 30 CE, a young Jewish carpenter from Nazareth arose in prominence as he spread his message throughout Galilee and Judea, claiming to be the long-awaited Jewish Messiah, his followers called him Rabbi & Yeshua, but over the centuries the world came to know him as Jesus Christ. Christianity began in the first century of the common era as one of the many sects of Judaism at the time, and perhaps one of the most influential sects. Early Jewish followers of Jesus believed that he was the Messiah, the direct descendant of King David who was foretold to suffer and die for the sins of the people, and to be resurrected by God 3 days later. They believed that by believing the testimony of his disciples, one would accept the entirety of the Law, Prophets, and all the Sacred Writings as true and be saved for eternal life. Simon Peter and the Jerusalem Church believed their Gospel was meant for the descendants of Israel and converts only, but it was Saul of Tarsus, eventually named Paul, who revolutionized Christian thought and claimed that Jesus had sent him to proclaim the Gospel to the people of the nations. Christianity spread like wildfire, attracting the poor, the sick, the humble, and afflicted, offering them hope no matter who they were or where they came from.

Within a period of 300 years, a community which was once vehemently persecuted by both Jerusalem and Rome was now adopted by Emperor Constantine in the year 312 CE, and eventually made into the official religion of the state. In 325 CE, the Council of Nicaea convened, having collected Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek manuscripts and translated these sacred texts into Latin, canonizing the first Holy Bible in Christian history. In the year 380, the Emperor Theodosius I declared Catholicism (A universal version of Christianity that embraced different sects according to specific guidelines) as the official religion of the Roman Empire. The Bishop of Rome was appointed as the Pope and became known as the leader of the Roman Catholic Church. The new Church became devoted to the idea of the divinity of Jesus Christ, and became increasingly devoted to the veneration of the Virgin Mary and other Saints. When the Roman Empire fell around the year 476 CE, the shock was felt in all corners of the region, dividing Christian interpretations further between eastern and western halves of the old Empire, in the year 1054 the Church became divided between the Roman Catholic Church and the Eastern Orthodox Church centered in Constantinople (Modern day Istanbul).

Then came the Crusades, beginning in the year 1095, which sought to recapture Jerusalem and the Holy Land from the Islamic Caliphate which began to arise in the 7th Century CE.  The Crusades were not just one, but a series of long and bloody wars continuously fought between Christians and Muslims until the year 1230. For centuries, the Roman Popes like Urban II would stir masses of volunteers from European kingdoms with cries of “Deus vult (G-d wills it)!”and send them to fight for the Holy Land, claiming that doing so would automatically atone for their sins and win them eternal life in heaven. Christians frequently made pilgrimages to the Holy Land, birthplace of their religion, until the Seljuks captured Jerusalem and barred Christians from entering the Holy City. They subsequently turned their conquest objectives to Constantinople, from which Byzantine Emperor Alexius I sent a plea for help to Urban II in Rome, who in turn mustered all of Christendom to fight to reclaim Jerusalem for Christ and the Church. Muslim leaders such as Salah -al Din (1137-1193), of Kurdish – Sunni Muslim heritage, mustered the faithful all across Egypt and the Levant to fight and claim Al-Quds (Islamic name for Jerusalem) for Islam. And in between both armies were untold numbers of innocent Jews, Christians and Muslim civilians who suffered the deadly wrath of two waring faiths. Christian armies were eventually defeated, while Muslim forces retained control over the Levantine region of Syrian Palestine.

Over the centuries Christianity has been subject to many changes, from Martin Luther and the Protestant Reformation, to the first European pilgrims to America, to the births of modern American Christian denominations like Baptists, Methodists, and perhaps the most influential to date, the Evangelical Christian community, who themselves claim to be Christian Zionists and  continues their unwavering support for Israel. These Christians often visit the Holy Land, and believe Israel plays a key role in what they call the final redemption and their belief in the return of Jesus to the Earth. Although for centuries the Church was known for its cruel persecution of Jews and other minorities, Evangelicals lead the way in rebuilding the ancient bridge which connected Jews and Christians, that bridge is Israel which is home to both our people.

  • Muslims

Dome of the Rock

Another major world religion which calls this land home, is Islam. About 25% of modern Israelis are Arabs, whether Christian, or Muslim, and it is believed that Muslims make up over 80% of the Arab Israeli population. Muslims have lived in the Holy Land since the year 637, when the Caliph Umar, one of Mohammad’s 4 Rashidun, “rightly guided sages” conquered Jerusalem. The word Islam means submission, but also contains the word salam or peace, which signifies the belief that peace comes by submission to the will of God. For Muslims, Allah is the holy name of God, and Mohammad is His prophet, the last of all the prophets sent by God to teach man kind about God’s message through the Qur’an (Recitation), the most holy book in Islam, which is believed to have been given to Mohammad through the angel Gabriel. According to the Qur’an, Mecca, in modern day Saudi Arabia, was chosen by Allah as the holiest place on Earth, the site of Kaaba, also known as the house of Abraham, and Muslims are to make a pilgrimage to Mecca at least once in their life time if they are able, it is one of Islam’s five pillars. Second to Mecca, is Medina, where Muslims believe the prophet Mohammad was buried. The third holiest site in the world for Muslims, is Jerusalem, known as “Al-Quds” in Arabic, where it is believed that Mohammad ascended into heaven to receive the Qur’an from the angel. The Dome of the Rock is the iconic golden dome shrine which sits atop Jerusalem’s Temple Mount, known in Arabic as “Haram al Sharif” (The Noble Sanctuary), over the very rock Muslims say attempted to follow Mohammad upon his ascent into heaven.  A few yards south of the Dome is Al Aqsa Mosque. Islam teaches 5 principles which form the fundamental pillars of the religion: The first being the “Shahada” or declaration of faith in God and in Mohammad as his prophet, Salat – prayer is to be recited at five specific times every day, Zakat – charity is to be given to the poor, Sawm – to fast during the holy month of Ramadan, and Hajj – the pilgrimage to Mecca.  The Muslim community in Israel is vast and vibrant, believe it or not, many Muslim Israelis now voluntarily serve in the Israel Defense Forces, because they know that they too need to do their part in defending the country that is theirs as well, and that our conflict against terror is not a religious war, rather a war between radical political ideologies and the peaceful, beautiful people of Israel, many of whom are Arab Muslims.

  • Samaritans

Samaritans 2

Another great community which has lived in this land since Biblical times are the famed Samaritans. Their faith, which adheres to a variation of the Hebrew Torah, holds their sacred mountain Gerizim as the most holy place. You may be familiar with their community from several accounts in both the Old and New Testament, including Jesus’ personal dealings with the Samaritan people, especially the legendary parable of the “the Good Samaritan.” But that title doesn’t just refer to a kind person, but to an ethnic/religious community of peoples who also call this land home.

Today the Samaritans are Israel’s smallest community, of about 800 people split between Holon, a city south of modern Tel-Aviv and Kiryat Luza, a city located near modern Nablus in the Samaria – aka- West Bank. According to their tradition, they are the descendants of the Israelite tribes of Menashe and Ephraim, and they follow ancient Israelite beliefs and customs, without the later tradition of the Jewish sages. The Samaritan community has undergone a very rough history of religious and ethnic persecution. Many modern Samaritans are Muslims due to the forced conversions of their ancestors over the centuries. By the 17th Century, less than 140 Samaritans were thought to remain, but the population of Samaritans who hold faithful to their ancient traditions is growing once more. Some Samaritans fled Nablus during the intifadas, sadly being often caught in the middle of the conflict between Palestinian Arabs and Israelis. But some Jews, like myself, believe their people and our people are one and the same, perhaps separated by a few thousand years of history, but essentially belonging to the same Hebraic heritage.

  • Armenians


Among the oldest Christian communities living in Israel, are the Armenian people. The earliest historic records show Armenian pilgrims arriving in the Holy Land in the 3rd Century CE. Since then their community has been subject to Byzantine, Umayyad, Abbasid, Mamluk, Ottoman and British rule. Sadly, from 1915 to 1917, Armenians were subject to the most brutal genocide under the Ottoman Turks. Known today as the Armenian Genocide, the massacres claimed the lives of approximately 1,500,000 people. In 1948, Armenian residents of Israel received automatic citizenship status, while Armenians living in Jordanian occupied East Jerusalem received Jordanian citizenship. Eventually the liberation of Jerusalem by the Israel Defense Forces in 1967 granted Armenians of the Holy City resident status, although some have opted to become Israeli citizens. Today, the Armenians have their own quarter of the Old City, and are made up of two small communities. Over 10,000 Armenians live in modern Israel and make up one of Israel’s many richly diverse communities. While many Israelis have pushed for the Israeli Government to officially recognize the Armenian Genocide, the current coalition under Benjamin Netanyahu has been controversially reluctant on the decision due to fear it will further harm the already fragile relations between Israel and the modern state of Turkey. Many Jews, including myself, believe to deny recognition of a fact of history, especially the murder of over one million innocent people, to be hypocritical seeing as 6 million of our own people were murdered under Nazi Germany only 75 years ago. Either way, modern Jews like myself would certainly love to see better treatment and warmer relations with our Armenian, seeing as we belong to the same human family, especially since Armenians also call Israel – home.

  • Druze


The Druze people of Israel go back to a time between the late 10th Century and early 11th Century during the reign of Caliph al-Hakkim bi’Amr’Allah, although their leaders claim they are direct descendants, whether genetically or spiritually, of the prophet Jethro, the Biblical father-in law of the prophet Moses. For Druze, Jethro is considered the religious father of their community, and pilgrimages to Jethro’s tomb near Tiberias, in Northern Israel, are common. At the end of the 10th century, some Ismaili theologians began to believe that al-Hakim was divine, a view that was promptly condemned by the Fatimid Caliphate and considered heresy under Islamic traditions. Eventually, centuries of conflict and persecution forced the Druze people, named for their following one of their martyred teachers Mohammad al-Darazi, to resettle to the regions of the Levant, mostly located in modern Israel, Lebanon, and Syria. Although modern Druze communities refer to themselves as “Muwadhidun” which means “unitarians,” centuries of persecution led to the decision of Druze religious leaders to begin to practice secrecy, keeping the details of their modern religion a closely guarded secret not even the average Druze person can know unless he is a member of their elite religious sect. According to their tradition, you are only considered a Druze if both your parents were Druze, and outsiders cannot convert to their religion. Although they are a small and exclusive community, they are known for their fierce loyalty to the governments under which they live. Israeli Druze are considered one of Israel’s most loyal non-Jewish communities, so much so that they assisted Israel in their war of Independence and are one of three non-Jewish communities to be drafted into the Israeli army just like Jewish Israelis. Other non-Jewish communities, such as Arab Muslims and Christians, do not have to serve, but some Israeli Arabs do serve voluntarily.  About 143,000 Druze live in the Jewish State, and form a very strong part of modern Israeli culture. They bear a strict code of honor and are known to be very trustworthy. They too call Israel their home.

  • Circassians

Circassians in Israel

The Circassian people are an indigenous people of the Caucuses, originating from Circassia on the Northeast shores of the Black Sea. Mostly Muslim, they were heavily persecuted by the Christian Orthodox Russian Empire, the Circassian community experiencing their own genocide at the hands of the Russian Czars who massacred over 400,000 Circassians and displaced another 497,000 from their native land. Eventually, over the years, the Ottoman Empire settled them in the regions of Palestine around the year 1880, where their communities remain loyal Israelis till this day. They are also among non-Jewish Israelis who serve in the Israel Defense Forces, and about 1,000 Circassians live in Israel today. The Circassian people speak Hebrew, Arabic, and their native Circassian language. Their vibrant dances are very popular in Israel even among non-Circassians. They host an annual festival in their village of Reyhaniye and Kfar Kama in Northern Israel around August and are often very open to sharing their culture with visitors.

  • Bahai

Bahai Gardens

The Bahai religion is perhaps among the youngest, but probably one of the most beautiful. Their religion originates from the Persian culture of Iran and grew out of Shiite Islam. They began in 1844, when an Iranian man known as The Bab, who prophesied that a messenger from God would soon arrive, who would be the latest in the line of prophets such as Moses, Jesus, and Mohammad. The Bab preached, and was sadly executed for, an idea known as “progressive revelation,” which seemingly contradicted a central Islamic tenant that Mohammad was the last of the prophets. A small religious community, they follow the teachings of their prophet Bahai Ullah, who they believe is the prophet the Bab spoke of. Bahai followers believe that every religion of the world was a step in God’s master plan in the revelation of a universal religion, essentially, every religion and culture has a place in the world to come. The Bahai community were heavily persecuted by the strict Islamic culture of their time and region, their leader repeatedly forced into exile until relocating to the city of Acre and eventually building one of the most beautiful temples and gardens in the world, atop the high slopes of modern Haifa, Israel. Today the Bahai are among the many religious minorities protected by the Israeli Government, and their temple is a very popular destination for visitors to Israel from all over the world. It can be said that the Bahai found a safe-haven and home in Israel as well.

  • Israel today

Israel today

Countless other cultures and expressions from around our planet call this land their home on Earth, including the LGBTQ community, who claim beautiful Tel-Aviv as one of their world capitals. Israel is the Jewish State because for the first time in human history, an indigenous people has reclaimed its original homeland, but it is also home to countless other communities who enjoy peace, freedom and equal rights under Israeli sovereignty. We have promised the world to safeguard and protect all who depend on us for protection and support from the brutal persecutions and hostilities of those who wish to impose their way on others. Jews know more than anyone, that no human soul should ever impose their religion or way of thinking onto others, but respect and accept, so long as those beliefs do no harm to others. Jerusalem is the prime example of coexistence and a landmark illustration of what the world could be one day. Upon entering the Holy City, you can hear the Hebrew music, the Church bells, the Islamic call to prayer, all mingled together to form one amazing sound, that is the sound of my city, the sound of Yerushalayim, the City of Peace. Is it always peaceful? No, we are not perfect and deal with plenty of issues, but Israel ensures the world, that Jerusalem, like the rest of the Holy Land, will never again prohibit anyone from entering their sacred places, from praying in the form they feel most compelled. Is there discrimination in Israel? Sadly yes there is some, as in every region of the world, but it is not the policy of the Israeli government to discriminate against anyone. And the few instances that occur are condemned by most Israelis, but these are details many media outlets refuse to share, instead painting David as Goliath, and Goliath as David with the goal of undermining and delegitimizing Israel in the eyes of the global community. But last time I checked, David was the king of Israel, and like David, the modern state of Israel, though tiny compared to all her Arab neighbors, has fought valiantly to maintain her right to simply exist, as our national anthem says, “to live in freedom in the land of Zion and Jerusalem.” This is the Israel I know and love; this is the country I also call my home. This is my “apartheid state.”

Herzl Today

There was once a man who dreamed, and his dream is now a reality. But our work is far from over.

Goliath vs David – Exposing The Lies in Gaza!

An older post, but still good.

The Spirit of Zion

THE PITCH: “THOUSANDS OF INNOCENT PALESTINIANS ETHNICALLY CLEANSED AND MURDERED BY THE EVIL ZIONIST REGIME!” Or so the read the headlines. Gaza is once again in the news after the United States officially opened its embassy in Jerusalem and and to no surprise, thousands of angry Palestinians stormed the border fence of Gaza with Israel in an effort to tear it down and invade Israel’s territory, their “Day of rage.” Headlines like these are the common narrative for most -“Pro-Palestinian” activists, echoed by many celebrities and world leaders on the political left. Even more, media outlets like CNN, MSNBC, New York Times, among others, often publish headlines which read, “Israel Attacks Gaza,” or Palestinian Youths Killed by Israeli Soldiers.” And just like that, David is painted as Goliath and Goliath puts on the mask of David. What is worse is that most of popular society drink up these mainstream media…

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From the river to the sea Israel will stay free!

Free speech, it is a cherished natural right. It is also, however, a grossly underestimated responsibility, one which some individuals take for granted and abuse on a daily basis, and yes, I am talking about radical left groups like Students for Justice in Palestine.

Oh boy, here I go again, and no I won’t shut up thank you very much.

For one, they present the public with a very biased view of Middle East history while at the same time accusing people like me of doing the exact same thing.

I really can’t make this stuff up folks, you can go read a book and brush up on the subject yourself, but since I’m feeling pretty generous and also happen to really love world history, allow me to present a brief factual account of Israel’s side of the story and address certain troubling statements made by students on our own campus at Florida International University.

One of the most famous claims SJP makes is that Israel stole the land from the Palestinian people.

sjp wall (2)

Correction, prior to May 15th, 1948, there was never an independent Palestine, and the lands they claim we stole were won fair and square after their fellow Arabs from Jordan, Egypt and Syria attacked Israel in 1948, and 1967. So according to international law, Israelis could do pretty much whatever they wanted in lands captured in their defense, and that includes settling in ancient Judea and Samaria, regions with huge cultural and historic significance to Jews.

Plus the term “Palestinian” referred to not only Arabs, but also Jews and anyone else who was a citizen of the Ottoman occupied and later British occupied territory of Palestine which was, prior to World War I, only considered the south-west back water regions of Syria.

Another thing, the security wall around parts of the West Bank was originally put up to stop suicide bombers, snipers, and other terrorists from harming Israelis and attacks have dramatically decreased ever since, so it seems to me the wall is very effective for protecting many Jews, Christians and Muslims living, working and praying , shopping and dining,  every day in places like Jerusalem.

Anti-Blackness? Really? Do they even know that a significant portion of Israeli and Jewish culture is black? Have they never met Black or even Arab Israeli soldiers? I have, but for some reason certain media outlets choose not to cover their stories. I wonder why…

Oh and by the way, thanks  to SJP for the newspaper shout out! I’m sure you really liked my previous articles on Zionism. Well there’s plenty more coming so get ready, you’re gonna really love what I have in store next!

As I was saying, both Arabs and Jews have shared the same homeland for centuries prior to this conflict, and there were both good times and bad.

For the most part, Arabs and Jewish neighbors tended get along very well, even intermingling cultural customs and traditions, but there are also plenty of times where radical religious sects came to power and carried out several massacres upon Jews living throughout the Middle East and other parts of the world.

You see my friends, Jews haven’t always had the freedom we enjoy today, in fact only 70 years ago we were still a people with no country, wandering for centuries since being forced into a near 2,000-year exile by the Roman Empire, although there were always a few remnant Palestinian Jewish communities surviving from Jerusalem to Safed.

I am part Arab on my father’s side, and I’d like to clarify that my father’s people are united by one of two things, the Arabic language which became dominant in the region especially with the rise of Islam in the 7th Century.

For the most part the region of Palestine was a desert wasteland for many centuries, although Arabs began to arrive and settle from the 7th Century and on, but especially after the Crusades from the 11th to 13th Centuries.

Since that time Arab Muslims, Arab Christians, Jews, Druze, and other communities have almost simultaneously coexisted as the indigenous people of the region of Palestine.

In fact, many thousands of Jews lived throughout Arab countries of the Levant, North Africa, Ethiopia, and even as far as modern-day Iran.

Jews were constantly a minority, and an easy scapegoat for Christian and Muslim Empires to pin the blame on when something goes wrong, directing the people’s fury away from the government and onto us.

If we really had so much power, how have we so easily been targeted and so brutally slaughtered throughout human history, surely we would do something to protect ourselves right?

You see, we did, because for years people told us, “Jews go home,” so we did, and we fought, bled and died for it, and called it by its ancient name, Israel.

You see my friends, Zionism, contrary to popular belief, is not racism.

The people who claim this fail to take into account the thousands of Jews from India, Ethiopia, and other parts of the non-European world, but you know how they like to paint us all as old white guys.

It’s simple, our people were walking targets for international anger for millennia until some of us decided enough was enough and that it was time for that age-old dream, recited in our daily prayers, and prophetically spoken at every religious holiday and an inseparable part of Jewish identity, the longing to return to the land of Zion, into a tangible reality.

In all that time though, when Arab/Muslim rulers actually ruled Palestine, why did they never claim independence? Oh but when the Jews do it it’s wrong right?

The double standard is astounding!

Now on to another famous claim of theirs, that Israel is a racist state which commits genocide upon the Palestinian people.

SJP protest

Yea guys, we’re such a racist state that we actually invited our Arab neighbors to help build up the country together in our declaration of independence.

We’re such a racist state that we promised the United Nations partition of Palestine to protect every religious/ethnic minority living in the country, which we do to this day.

We’re such an apartheid state that Arab Israelis and Jewish Israelis can vote in elections, women can openly drive, own businesses, men and women are free to love whomever they want, and believe whatever they want, and even serve in the Israeli army together, an obligation for Jewish citizens, an option for Arabs. That says something about Arab Israelis  who volunteer to serve in the IDF, doesn’t it?

The “genocide” they refer to, are the operations of the Israel Defense Forces working within the West Bank and around Gaza responding to and preventing terror threats against Israeli citizens because Hamas and Fatah have never once ceased to indoctrinate their people to hate and rage against us from the cradle to adulthood, conditioning them with a victim’s mentality to provoke global sympathy for them, while provoking hate toward Israel.

Yea, there is a genocide alright, and it happens when mothers teach their children that to kill a Jew is somehow pleasing to God, in the name of the “occupation of Palestine.”

It happens when fathers place their children in front of Israeli soldiers to provoke them to kill a child and blast Israel all over the media.

While real genocide is happening in Syria, Myanmar, China, Sudan, Nigeria, and other parts of the world, the United Nations somehow focuses most of its condemnation on tiny Israel, where there is absolutely no genocide occurring.

What members of SJP and their supporters are really after is the demise of the Jewish state, replacing it with one called Palestine, so according to them the only people in the world who have no right to self determination are the Jews, now if that is not racist, I don’t know what is.

Members of SJP support the legacy of Yasser Arafat, a known and very dead terrorist who was responsible for the deaths of countless innocent people. My job is to dismantle that legacy of terror, piece by piece. And mark my words, I will not rest until the memory of Arafat and the PLO, Hamas and Fatah, are wiped from existence.

The State of Israel is a vibrant, thriving, and technologically advanced democracy, filled with culture and rich diversity. We protect our identity as a Jewish State because we literally have no other homeland on Earth, and so we will fight those who threaten her with all of our might, and we will never apologize for that.

I remember debating with one of their members on Tuesday, March 5th, 2019, reminding them of all the terror attacks committed by Palestinians against Israelis, when my friend recalled the suicide bombing of a Sbarro’s Pizza in Jerusalem 2001, which killed 15 people including 2 Americans and wounding 130 people, the SJP student simply replied, “They deserved it!”

Our jaws dropped open in disbelief, and I really don’t have to explain why such a grotesque statement is just plain wrong for any normal human being.

So long as we have breath, we will continue to raise our banners, and proudly wave our beautiful blue and white with that big blue Star of David, and I also happen to have some fond Arab Israeli friends who would be happy to join me.

So the next time you see people passing out “free Palestine” stuff, just tell them that Palestine is already free, and from the river to the sea, Israel will stay free.

By Uzi Darwiche/ 

PS: Israel isn’t perfect, no country is, but we fight to make it better, and as a future Israeli, I plan to fully support the rights of the Ethiopian Jewish community.

Thoughts of a Jewish Student at FIU

We have been blind to the shadow of a rising threat on our own campus and community. As a Jewish student at Florida International University I know I’m part of a minority, but it is a minority which is under constant attack. As Eli Cohen once said, “Jews are hated for remaining insular and for assimilating, for participating in leftist politics or rightist politics, for being white and for being non-white, for Communism and for Capitalism, for being weak and for being strong, for being stateless and for having a state.”

Hatred of Jews is baseless hatred, no matter how you look at it. Its perpetrators create justifications for their hate in order to convince others and themselves that they are still moral people. In this day and age, the Arab world seeks to justify its antisemitic rants by claiming they are anti-Zionist, not antisemitic. I am here to show you why that is wrong and to expose those on our campus who seek to indoctrinate our own student population.

At the beginning of December 2018, members of the Student Affairs staff and the Dean of Students himself managed to bring several usual opposing groups together to a table of discussion. Among attending groups were members of the Interfaith Council, Hillel, Shalom FIU, Students for Justice in Palestine, Young Democratic Socialists of America, Muslim Student Association and Pakistani Student Association.

SJP and YDSA students practically took over the meeting and began to accuse Shalom FIU and Hillel of supporting Israel’s “genocide” against the Palestinian people. While we wholeheartedly disagree, we were willing to come to the table. SJP and YDSA students, however, made it quite clear to us, “We are not your friends, and we do not want to work with you.”

When we expressed to them our desire to see coexistence between our two peoples, they flat out told us that they want to see Israel completely destroyed, and that means every Jewish man, woman and child “from the river to the sea.” To witness such fervent hatred welcomed as a legitimate voice on our campus is an insult the core values of Florida International University.

These students and faculty members present a twisted view of Middle Eastern history, teaching students that Islam is the only real culture of the Levant, while completely ignoring indigenous minorities like Jews, Druze, Kurds, Yazidi, Armenians, and others. I recently sat down for a lecture which an adjunct professor gave on the history of the Israeli-Palestinian culture and its contemporary issues. Now having known this professor previously, I was looking forward to an educational unbiased look at the situation, but boy was I wrong.

He claimed that Jews in the Middle East were just fine before Israel and that Jews were treated far better in Arab lands than in Christian ones. And while I nostalgically look back upon a time when Jewish and Arab society did get along more, the facts of history clearly show it was never all sunshine and rainbows. There are several historic accounts of Middle Eastern Jews suffering through brutal persecutions, public humiliations, and even the massacre of entire villages in both ancient and modern times. There are some heartfelt accounts of Muslims protecting their Jewish neighbors and Jews helping Muslims, but since the beginning of Islam in the 7th century, Jews were mostly ostracized and treated as second class citizens.

He depicted historic defense forces like the Haganah as terrorists, while calling for the global community to engage Hamas, a known terrorist organization, suggesting that somehow the normalizing of relations with Hamas in the Gaza strip will encourage them to renounce their violent tactics against Israel. Hamas’ charter clearly and unapologetically calls for the destruction of Israel along with the murder of every Jewish soul that “occupies Palestine.”

When the lecturer turned his attention to “two state solution or one,” he was quick to share his opinion that a two-state solution is impossible at this point, and that only a single “democratic” state of Palestine would work. When I asked him what would happen to my people in such a scenario and why Jews don’t deserve a country of our own, he said that Jews would have to settle for a “metaphoric state,” and that the idea of a “religious ethnocentric state” is equivalent to apartheid and what he called complete “baloney.” I found his response to be extremely hypocritical seeing as it was coming from a professor who represents Islamic Middle Eastern culture at FIU.

Now just to be clear, the State of Israel, whom I proudly represent at FIU, isn’t perfect. It is, however, a democracy and not an apartheid state. In Israel both Arab and Jewish Israelis have full and equal rights under the law and are even represented in the Israeli government. The Israel Defense Forces do constantly operate in the West Bank because that is where most terror threats in the region emanate from.

Finally, I would like to address this professor’s most disturbing claim, that Jews are a religious group, not an ethnic people, and that Arab Jewish families somehow consider themselves Arabs. Not only is that completely wrong, but it is definitely antisemitic. Judaism is the religion of an ethnic group of people called Jews, aka Hebrews, or Israelites who were mostly, but not completely, expelled from their native land of Judea/Israel.

To say we are not a people is to say we have no place in the world, and that is why I am compelled to stand against these views. Israel represents a better, multicultural, more prosperous future for the entire Middle East and that is why I represent her culture at FIU. To allow student groups and professors like these to spread their propaganda under the guise of “free speech and education,” is to deceive ourselves and will only set the FIU community on a dark and dangerous path of extremism. The time to act is now!

The Shields of Zion

In an age of terror, racism, hatred and bigotry, fake news and the dark tides of antisemitism, the Nation of Israel and her people are constantly singled out by the United Nations and the Media as an apartheid state while Zionists  and our ideals are continuously demonized and accused of being Nazis. In the face of all these accusations, a few brave young men and women from all over the world have risen and are uniting as we speak, standing up against all of it. They are ready to fight back and expose these lies for what they are, by shedding the light of truth upon a misinformed world. Let the Star of David shine over the world once more, burning through the dark clouds of hatred and indifference, ignorance and deceit. Allow me to tell you the story of these unsung heroes, these rising leaders, these Shields of Zion.

Just yesterday, I returned from a four day journey which led me to Boston, Massachusetts, that near four hundred year old bastion of liberty, which witnessed the birth of the American Revolution with the “shot heard round the world” at Lexington and Concord in 1775. America’s patriotic message of liberty, justice and equality for all men and women has since spread like fire throughout the nations of the world. Among them have been several modern states, none of which have broken the shackles of oppression, shaken the dust of exile off of their feet and declared their own freedom and self determination as  one such nation,  inspired by the same principles two centuries later, ironically liberated from the same imperial force, the State of Israel.  I was joined by over seventy students, community leaders and activists from all over the world, all of whom came for the same reason, united by a common mission, to defend Zion – Israel, against all the lies spoken of her in the media and on college campuses across the United States, Europe and the world.

Among the most common political battlegrounds of our day, are unfortunately our universities and academic institutions. In the United States, Ireland, the United Kingdom, France and many other counties, Jews and their Zionist allies from all walks of life have been targeted and subjected to the most vicious attacks, humiliations, and even anti-Semitic threats reminiscent of, dare I say it, Nazi Germany in the mid twentieth century.  These students, who simply believe in the right of the Jewish people to live peacefully in their own country, just like any other peoples, are unfairly punished and accused of being supporters of the “Zionist regime,” which is in turn falsely accused of war crimes and human rights violations. But one thing our attackers never fail to accomplish, is using their protest of the Israeli Government’s policies as an excuse to attack the very existence of a Jewish State in the world.

Jews Attacked on College Campuses

Jewish Institutions vandalized… THIS IS IN THE UNITED STATES!

Jews Attacked 2

These are just some examples of a dangerous trend rising not only in Europe or elsewhere, but right here in the United States of America. I have spoken to several students in my community and beyond who have informed me of various incidents, attacks and public humiliations which they have suffered. It is becoming dangerous for Jews on college campuses, the very places which must be institutions of education and higher learning are becoming havens of hatred and bigotry. One student from London told me he would never dare to wear his kippah (Jewish head covering) in public for fear of being physically attacked or even worse. Another student from Paris told me it has become dangerous to be even remotely identified as a Jew or have any connection to Israel. On my own campus last year, a celebration for the one hundredth anniversary of the Balfour Declaration was canceled due to a bomb threat made by a student, the target being the vary event I was supposed to attend, and which my own student group was co-sponsoring.  I have even spoken to students on campus, Jewish and non-Jewish alike, who have criticized me for supporting Israel, which they say is responsible for committing genocide and ethnically cleansing the Palestinian people. What is the source of these students’ radical opinions? For one, I have met several professors on my campus and others, who have all held similarly bitter views towards the Jewish state, many of them being party to the support of organizations like Students for Justice in Palestine.

Besides these accusations being baseless, what does any nation’s policies have anything to do with its basic and natural right to exist?  Why are Jews harassed, humiliated, physically attacked, and in some places of the world, much worse, in the name of “Justice for Palestine?” To answer these questions we must answer two other questions: 1.) What is Zionism? 2.) What does it mean to be Anti-Zionist? We can also answer other essential questions such as: What is apartheid? What is genocide? Does the Israeli government actually seek the destruction of the Palestinian people? Do Palestinian leaders call for the destruction of Israel and the murder of Jews? Is this a religious, or even an ethnic conflict at all, as many would suggest? Is peace even possible? Is it possible for Israelis and Palestinians to coexist and finally bring an end to this long and bloody conflict? We do not deny that the Palestinian people have indeed suffered, and continue to suffer in Gaza, the West Bank, and in refugee camps across the Middle East. But is Israel’s existence really to blame for all of it? Who is the real culprit in this crime scene? As Thomas Jefferson himself stated in America’s Declaration of Independence, “Let facts be presented to a candid world!”

     The images and video I think speak for themselves. But allow me to continue to divulge to you the truth of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict…

The world has been deceived my friends, but not by Zionism, but the radical forces of Hamas, Fatah, Islamic Jihad, Hezbollah, ISIS, Al-Qaeda, and many others… They do not represent the Palestinian people or the peaceful tenants of Islam. The media shows you the Palestinian plight every day, but they ignore the plight of Israel. The double standard must stop! For instance they do not tell you that Zionists, include Christians and Muslims, Druze, and other minorities who proudly serve in the Israel Defense Forces. So what is Zionism?  What does a Zionist look like?

The “wise and all knowing sage” Google defines Zionism as “a movement for (originally) the re-establishment and (now) the development and protection of a Jewish nation in what is now Israel.”

As you heard, Zionism simply means the belief and support of the right of the Jewish people to self determination, living freely and peacefully in their own land. And as you heard, the Palestinians have been offered a state of their own time and time again, and actually, this has been happening since 1947, and their leaders have continued to reject every offer. Instead, Hamas actively engages in terrorism, while the Palestinian Authority continues to praise suicide bombers and encourage stabbings, shootings, and vehicular attacks in the West Bank. Palestinians continue to indoctrinate their children with hatred, raising a generation of killers rather than peace partners. It is a sad reality, but it is a truth which must be addressed, and education is the key to changing all of it. I personally do not believe in a two state solution, but I am practical and willing to accept one if our Palestinian  neighbors prove to us they will no longer continue to seek the destruction of my family, my people, and myself. But the conflict indeed existed long before 1967, proving that the conflict is not about Gaza or the West Bank, it is about the Palestinian political leadership keeping their own people oppressed while seeking the complete and utter destruction of Israel. Thus we answer the second question, what it means to be an Anti-Zionist. To be an Anti-Zionist is to deny the recognition of the Jews, an indigenous people, to their own land, and that my friends is a true example of racism. If a Palestinian State is established in the West Bank, will Jews and other minorities even be allowed to live there, as Israeli Arabs live in Israel as full and equal citizens under Israeli law? Why has Israel agreed to recognize the right of the Palestinian people to their own state, while the Palestinian Authority repeatedly refuses to recognize the right of Israel to even exist? I think anyone can logically see what’s wrong with this picture.

Now let’s play devil’s advocate, and say the Palestinians are right, and Israel came and stole Palestine and a new Palestinian State is established not just in the West Bank, but “from the river to the sea,” as “peaceful protesters” so often chant. Where do we the Jews fit in to the picture? Where do we belong in the world? Where will we go? For millennia Jews have wandered as a homeless people. Shall we be doomed to wander forever? Shall we always be subject to the whims of the nations just as our ancestors? Shall we again be the victims of random radical voices who call out, “Death to the Jews?” I am not seeking to delegitimize the fact that Palestinians suffer a great deal of injustice; I am simply saying that it is not the responsibility of the Jewish State, but the fault and blame is on the Palestinian leadership. Israel’s fight is in no way to ethnically cleanse the Arab inhabitants, it is the fight of a tiny Jewish state for survival against the gargantuan fury of the Arab world expressed through the raging Palestinian narrative. It is not a religious war, it is not a war of race or ethnicity. In Israel Jews and Arabs coexist peacefully, Druze and Muslims serve in Israel’s army, yes Muslims serving Israel voluntarily and fighting against Hamas and Hezbollah. But of course you never hear their voices in mainstream media, because tragically some seem to think peace doesn’t sell as well as war. If you don’t want to listen to me, listen to these beautiful people living in Israel.

Or listen to my beautiful friend and brother from another mother… (WARNING: Video contains some disturbing images. But the world needs to know.)

These are the real voices the media refuses to interview, they are the evidence that Zionism is not racism in any way shape or form, but is for all who support the right of Jews just as for Palestinian Arabs or even Kurds and any other people, to live independently in their own natural land. That’s all it is. Does discrimination exist? Yes, unfortunately every country and culture has some small pockets of ignorant individuals. Is Israel perfect? No, we have many internal problems like any other nation, ok, maybe a little more, have you been to a Knesset session? Oy vey! But one thing is for sure, Israel is a democracy, and an island of freedom in the middle of a region filled with violence and intolerance. Think of it as a really nice house in a really bad neighborhood, everybody just wants a piece of it.

And so she must fight on, and on, and fight for her life, against the rising tides raging against her from all sides. And we in the diaspora, Jews and non-Jews alike, who support the rights of a free people in their own land, must do everything in our power, risk persecution and suffering humiliations or even losing friends, for the survival of the only country in the world Jews can call their own, and the only real democratic country in the Middle East. Think of that the next time you encounter movements such as SJP and BDS; remember if you choose to persecute and attack our young people who are simply defending their people and culture’s right to self determination, you are being the aggressors. Remember that at the end of the day, we are all members of the human race and we all want to live and watch our children grow up in peace. In my next series of posts, I will explore and discuss each and every religious and ethnic group of peoples who call Israel home, and how only the Jewish State actively protects all of them. From Israeli Arabs, Muslim and Christian alike, to Druze and Bahai, Kurds and others. We will talk about the LGBT community living in Israel and how they feel living there every day.  You may think this all sounds like propaganda, but I hope my article will encourage you to either visit Israel yourself, or talk to Israelis. Don’t be afraid to ask all the questions you may have, we want to answer you. For in the end, I too am Israel and Israel is me. They are my people and my home, and I also would like a peaceful resolution to this old conflict. At the end of the day it’s like my brother Muhammad said, we are all human beings, and this is a struggle for humanity. Please, in the words of John Lennon, “Give peace a chance.” Just… imagine…




  !שחרר את דעתך —- Free Your Mind!

Netiv Haavot

     In June of 2018, another Jewish town, Netiv Ha’avot, in the Judea -Samaria region, was forcefully evacuated. My heart broke as I witnessed Jews forcing Jews out of the very land our grandparents longed to return to. I was even more disturbed, when fellow Jews began to tell me that this action was right, because we cannot steal land from the Palestinians.  There are so many responses I could give, and passionately answer in ways that would only serve to further divide us as a people, playing into the hands of our enemies. Instead, I will tackle this issue academically through an article. In this article, I will enlighten you with a review of Jewish history, and keep my arguments as diplomatic as possible, so that perhaps I can show some of you, why I believe your narrative is erred, if you are willing to listen, as I am willing to listen to all of you, whether you agree or disagree with me. I am not a radical, but I am an idealist, and I consider myself the next generation in Zionism. It is that vision I seek to impart to you, and inspire you to dare to dream as Herzl, Pinsker and Ben-Yehuda did in their day.

     The time has come, my friends. The time has come to free the mind. To rid our psyche of tyranny and oppression. To loosen the shackles of pain and exile, which keep us prisoners to our own conscience. It is time for the liberation of the Jewish mind. You may challenge me, “Liberation from what? In the twenty first century, Jews are slaves to no man, but are educated and free from the oppressive regimes of the past.” But with all our education, with all our affluence and blessing of abundance, our decadence has left us in want. We are lacking in one major concept in our generation, which Jews always had in generations past, UNITY! We say we are proud of our Jewish identity, but tell me, what is the Jewish identity to you? Can you define it? Indeed, our people have returned from the nations and have rebuilt the nation of Israel, through blood, sweat and tears. And yet we are still scattered, not only geographically, but mentally and spiritually. The time has come for an exhaustive review of history, where if you bear with me, we will explore piece by piece until we arrive to the big picture that is the scope of Jewish history. Perhaps then, I will convince you, perhaps then I will inspire you, to be prouder of your Jewish heritage, and stand up more often to defend the rights of your brothers and sisters, the pioneers, of Judea, Samaria and all of Israel.

Israel, Judea, Samaria, Homeland of the Jews!

Map of the kingdom of David and Salomon

     Three thousand years ago, Israel was a Kingdom, established under the rule of King Saul of the tribe of Binyamin, and secured under King David and his son Solomon of the tribe of Yehuda  who reigned from Yerushalayim (Jerusalem) as the declared capital of the people of Israel. That Kingdom stretched from what was described in Moses’ prophecy, from the stream of Egypt to the Great River Euphrates. All of it, was then a part, of the Kingdom of the House of David, the Kingdom of Israel. After Solomon’s passing, the Kingdom was divided in two. Ten tribes settled in the northern Kingdom of Israel and two tribes remained in the southern Kingdom of Judea with Jerusalem as Judea’s capital. In the years that followed, the Assyrian Empire rose to dominate the Middle East, invaded the northern Kingdom of Israel and led much of the ten tribes captive, scattering them all over the empire so that they would not be encouraged to unite or rise up against their oppressors. And yet Judah they could not conquer. Years later, King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon arrived and sacked Jerusalem, destroying the city, and the first Jewish Temple, carrying most of the Jews into a 70-year exile in Babylon. It was after those 70 years that Cyrus the Great of Persia decreed freedom for the Jews and allowed us to return and rebuild Jerusalem and the Temple under the leadership of Ezra, Nehemiah, and Zerubabel. The Second Jewish Temple stood proud atop of Mount Moriah for generations. Eventually the Empire of Alexander the Great broke into pieces, and the oppressive Seleucid Empire rose up and conquered the region, attempting to force the Jews to abandon their faith and worship their Greek gods and become assimilated into Greco-Syrian culture. But the Maccabees rose up and fought back, bravely resisting and actually winning the war by a great miracle which happened there. They liberated Jerusalem and the Temple, from which story derives the celebration of Hanukkah. The Hasmonean Kingdom lasted for over a century, until the rise of the Roman Empire. The Romans conquered much of Europe, the Mediterranean, North Africa and parts of the Middle East. Judea was among their captured prizes for Caesar Augustus who named Herod as his puppet king over Judea, reigning once more from Jerusalem. Herod began planning the enlargement and renovation of the Temple which even noted historian Flavius Josephus mentioned as one of the wonders of the ancient world, a true site to behold.

Artwork by Alex Levin, Israel.

     It was that Temple which saw the rise of historic figures such as the great Rabbis Hillel and Shamai, and even spiritual revolutionaries such as Jesus of Nazareth, and Saul of Tarsus. But around the year 67 CE, the Jews had enough of the brutal oppression of the Roman Empire and revolted. They managed to kick the Romans out and establish a brief but independent Jewish State. But Titus -Vespasian would not accept the might of Rome to be bested by a band of Jewish Zealots. The Romans returned and besieged Jerusalem, breaching her walls, destroying the city once again, the Second Temple and carrying Jews off into slavery. Little did our ancestors realize, they were entering the longest period of exile which would last for the next near two millennia.

Jewish History 1

Judea Capta coin

     The words “IVDEA CAPTA” which is Latin for “Judea Captured,” can be seen on an ancient Roman coin from the reign of Vespasian, showing the Emperor’s image as was tradition, while on the other side, a Roman stands triumphantly over a weeping Jewish woman. Then the Empire issued a decree, that Judea would be renamed “Palestinae” after the ancient Philistines, and Jerusalem would be known in Latin as “Aelia Capitolina.” Jews were forbidden to enter Jerusalem, and the few numbers who remained in the Holy Land, settled in outer villages such as Yavne, where Rav Yochanan Ben Zakai and other Jewish leaders and scribes would come together to begin the long process of redefining Judaism in a world without the Temple. Eventually, Jewish leaders managed to convince their Roman conquerors to allow them to visit Jerusalem at least once a year, on Yom Kippur, but they were also forbidden from ascending to the ruins of the Temple Mount, and instead gathered before the Western Wall, where Jews would continue to visit through the generations, to weep, and pray for the exiles to return, for the Temple to be rebuilt, for the Messiah to finally come, and for Zion aka – Jerusalem and the people of Israel to be redeemed. Though the Land became desolate without her indigenous peoples, The Hope remained ever present, alive and well in our families and communities, no matter where in the world we wandered.

JH2          JH3 J4

     These renditions express a time in history when Jews were considered outcasts and a nuisance, much like Gypsies and other nomadic tribes of people in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Since the destruction of the second Temple and for the next near two thousand years, Jews were destined to wander from country to country, region to region. Sometimes we settled for centuries, sometimes for much less. Wherever our families went, there has always been a repetitive cycle where Jews are welcomed to a country by the local government, we establish communities and flourish for some time, eventually become an integral part of the local government and society, until anti-Semitism rises like the tides of a dark and turbulent ocean, pinning the Jews as an easy target for religious and political persecution. In Europe and the Middle East both Christian and Muslim powers were responsible for carrying out random pogroms, attacking Jewish communities and wreaking havoc on the Jewish populace. Christians blamed Jews for the death of Christ often ignoring the historic fact that Christ himself was a Jew as well as all of his first followers, and Muslims targeted Jews because they would not submit to Islam. The Crusades lasted for centuries, and with them the stain of religious fanaticism, where untold numbers of Jewish, Christian and Muslim minorities were often massacred in the name of some religious establishment.  Soon after we come to one of the darkest eras of history often ignored by mainstream educational institutions and seldom spoken of in modern classrooms, the so called, “holy inquisition.”


     For nearly eight hundred years, the Iberian Peninsula was home to a rich melting pot of cultures. The Moors, who were predominantly Muslim ruled the land, overseeing one of the greatest golden ages of science, medicine and theology, though imposing a strict “Zakat” tax upon all non-Muslim residents. For centuries, Jews, Christians and Muslims, Gypsies and Africans, Catholics and Protestants, scientists and theologians, all coexisted here and often mixed their cultural influences. Some of the greatest scholars and philosophers of history such as the great Maimonides, called Iberia home during this time. But the marriage of Queen Isabel of Castile and King Ferdinand of Aragon, sealed the fate of countless communities in the region and brought the golden age to an abrupt and violent end. Under Vatican influence, the Christian King and Queen declared war on Granada, proving triumphant over the region and conquering most of the Iberian Peninsula, claiming the entire region in the name of Christ and the Church and establishing the Kingdom of Spain. Soon after, the Edict of Alhambra was issued in the year 1492, which began the expulsion of all non-Catholic populations from Spain, especially the Jews. Jews, Protestant Christians, Muslims, Gypsies, and others were forced to leave their homes behind and all their possessions, and venture into the unknown. Those who desired to remain were required to be totally converted to the Roman Catholic faith or face the torture of the inquisition. Those who resisted would often be burned at the stake, beheaded, or subjected to some other means of execution. Historians believe that more than three hundred thousand people were killed during this time, and some estimate that number to actually be in the millions. It is depressing, and yet necessary to note that the Spanish Inquisition alone, as well as all the other inquisitions imposed by the Church, lasted for over five hundred years.


     Jews were forced to roam once more, most settling in the regions of Morocco and parts of the Ottoman Empire. Some eventually found their way on a strange and yet remarkable journey which brought them to the region of Palestine and the Levant, joining and adding to the population of native Jewish communities whose families had remained in the region since ancient times. In other parts of Europe Jews were subject to various pogroms, where myriads of Jewish men, women and children fell victim to the horrors of anti-Semitism. Often working humble trades and establishing communities on the outskirts of countries such as Russia, Poland, Germany, Belarus, Romania, Greece, Italy, France, and others. These communities withstood the persecutions and grew over time, with newer generations eventually moving out of their Shtetls, (Jewish Villages) and settling into the newer cities and metropolitan areas. Many Jews became vastly successful, often serving as physicians, lawyers, and money lenders. Some were drafted into local armies but were often barred from holding positions of power and governments, or from owning land.  A new wave of anti-Semitism swept across Europe in the age of Nationalism. With new nations rising, new excuses were found to target Jews. Pogroms became more and more common. The situation grew to its climax, until a few Jewish intellectuals decided it was time to take matters into their own hands.

Leon Pinsker (2)Herzl     Ben-Yehuda Israel Zangwill

“By the rivers of Babylon, we sat and wept as we remembered Zion. And by the rivers of Basel, we resolved to weep no more.” – Israel Zangwill

     They were despised, they were mocked, ridiculed and harassed by their fellow Jews. Most of the world called them dreamers, and yet their leader – Theodore Herzl said, “If you will it, it is no dream.” In Basel, Switzerland in the year 1897, he and his compatriots founded the First Zionist Congress. The ideas first expressed in Leo Pinsker’s book Auto-Emancipation and later in Herzl’s iconic book The Jewish State, that in response to the rise of anti-Semitism in Europe and around the world, The Jewish people, just as any other people on earth have the natural and historic right and moral duty to return to Zion, their ancient homeland, also known by the names Judea, Israel, Palestine, the Holy Land, Zionism was finally revived. Judea was the last independent nation that existed in the region under the Bar Kokhba revolt from 132 to 135 CE, and after so many imperial occupations, it was time for the Jews to reclaim their native home. Why should Jews continue to wander around the world? Why should we continue to suffer at the whims of anti-Semitic governments? No more! Enough was enough. It was a dream that gained much support, but not enough for that time. And so, the people waited, immigrating and purchasing land in Palestine from the Arab inhabitants. The Jews bought several plots of land and turned them into communities. Those communities sprang up into towns, and cities. The pioneers who led them, such as Eliezer Ben-Yehuda, insisted despite religious protest, that Hebrew, the ancient mother tongue of our Israelite ancestors, should be revived and spoken by Jews as the national modern language of the Jewish State. He created the first official Hebrew Lexicon, learned perfect Hebrew, and taught it to his wife and children. They in turn taught it to their communities, printing books and newspapers. As the years passed, one generation died, and another grew in its place; a new generation of Hebrew speaking Palestinian Jews grew, living along-side Palestinian Arabs. But while they built, sowed and worked the land, the nations of the world grew wrestles with their own problems. It would take two world wars, and one final disaster of nightmarish proportions, before the Zionist dream would be realized.

                    Armageddon 1918

Battle of Megiddo 2

     The War to End All Wars, known today as the First World War, was fought from the summer of 1914 to the fall of 1918, and in that time, almost all of Europe, parts of Africa and the Middle East were engulfed in some of the bloodiest conflicts of human history. The Allied powers – Great Britain, France, the United States, Russia, Canada and Australia all rallied to fight the Central powers – Germany, Austria-Hungary, Bulgaria and the Ottoman Turks. Perhaps one of the most important battles of the war, and yet one which receives little attention from the history books, was General Allenby’s Sinai campaign against the Ottoman Empire, which was concluded in September of 1918 with the Battle of Megiddo.

Battle of Megiddo

     Strangely enough, the battle was fought from the 19th to the 25th of September that year, about four days after Yom Kippur and during the great holiday of Sukkoth. It is also worthy of note, that in the New Testament, the Apostle John, who was himself a Jew, foretold of an epic “end-time” battle which would take place here that would determine the destiny of the Jews and the world, famously called “Armageddon.” Whether this battle was it, or not, it certainly fits the description. Here British and Ottoman forces clashed bitterly, in a campaign which began miles away in the deserts of Sinai, engulfed several towns and parts of Judea, and finally reaching its climactic conclusion on the mountain of Megiddo. The Turks lost to the British crown, and Great Britain assumed total dominance in the region, taking control of Palestine, while carving up and dividing the Levant into individual Arab States. It would inevitably mark the fall of the Ottoman Empire, and the rise of a new era of opportunity for the Jews of Palestine and the world. Precisely one year earlier, on November 2nd, 1917 Lord Arthur James Balfour wrote a remarkable letter to Lord Walter Rothschild which read as follows:

“Dear Lord Rothschild,

I have much pleasure in conveying to you on behalf of His Majesty’s Government the following declaration of sympathy with Jewish Zionist aspirations which has been submitted to, and approved by, the Cabinet.

His Majesty’s Government views with favor the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people and will use their best endeavors to facilitate the achievement of this object, it being clearly understood that nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine or the rights and political status enjoyed by Jews in any other country.

I should be grateful if you would bring this declaration to the knowledge of the Zionist Federation.


Arthur James Balfour”

Allenby Enters Jerusalem

              General Allenby enters Jerusalem.

     One year later, at long last, after nearly two millennia of longing and wandering, Zion was within our grasp. But there was still much work to be done. As Jewish communities continued to grow in Palestine, so too did Arab riots and prejudice. They protested the immigration of Jews into the region, while Arab leaders such as King Faisal of Hejaz praised the Zionist movement and openly welcomed Jews as fellow descendants of the patriarch Abraham. His agreement with Chaim Weizmann in 1919 was as follows:

     “His Royal Highness the Emir FAISAL, representing and acting on behalf of the Arab Kingdom of HEJAZ, AND Dr. Chaim Weizmann, representing and acting on behalf of the Zionist Organization, mindful of the racial kinship and ancient bonds existing between the Arabs and the Jewish people, and realizing that the surest means of working out the consummation of their national aspirations, is through the closest possible collaboration in the development of the Arab State and Palestine, and being desirous further of confirming the good understanding which exists between them, have agreed upon the following articles:

Article I

The Arab State and Palestine in all their relations and undertakings shall be controlled by the most cordial goodwill and understanding and to this end Arab and Jewish duly accredited agents shall be established and maintained in their respective territories.

Article II

Immediately following the completion of deliberations of the Peace Conference, the definite boundaries between the Arab State and Palestine shall be determined by a commission to be agreed upon by the parties hereto.

Article III

In the establishment of the Constitution and Administration of Palestine all such measures shall be adopted as will afford the fullest guarantees for carrying into effect the British Government’s Declaration of the 2nd of November 1917 (Balfour Declaration-SEH).

Article IV

All necessary measures will be taken to encourage and stimulate immigration of Jews into Palestine on a large scale, and as quickly as possible to settle Jewish immigrants upon the land through closer settlement and intensive cultivation of the soil. In taking such measures the Arab peasants and tenant farmers shall be protected in their rights, and shall be assisted in forwarding their economic development.

Article V

No regulation or law shall be made prohibiting or interfering in any way with the free exercise of religion; and further the free exercise and expression of religious profession and worship without discrimination or preference shall for ever be allowed. No religious test shall ever be required for the exercise of civil or religious rights.

Article VI

The Mohammedan Holy Places shall be under Mohammedan control.

Article VII

The Zionist Organization proposes to send to Palestine a Commission of experts to make a survey of the economic possibilities of the country, and to report upon the best means for its development. The Zionist Organization will place the aforementioned Commission at the disposal of the Arab State for the purpose of a survey of the economic possibilities of the Arab State and to report on the best means for its development. The Zionist Organization will use its best efforts to assist the Arab State in providing the means for developing the natural resources and economic possibilities thereof.

Article VIII

The parties hereto agree to act in complete accord and harmony in all matters embraced herein before the Peace Congress.

Article IX

Any matters of dispute which may arise between the contracting parties shall be referred to the British Government for arbitration.

Given under our hand at LONDON, ENGLAND, the Third DAY OF January, one thousand Nine Hundred and Nineteen.

Provided the Arabs obtain their independence as demanded in my Memorandum dated the 4th of January, 1919, to the Foreign Office of the Government of Great Britain, I shall concur in the above articles. But if the slightest modification or departure were to be made. I shall not then be bound by a single word of the present Agreement which shall be deemed void and of no account or validity, and I shall not be answerable in any way whatsoever.



(Courtesy of

     It seemed a Jewish and Arab state side by side was within reach, but alas, King Faisal’s voice was among the minority. For much of the Arab world hated the notion of a Jewish State in Palestine and resisted the Zionist movement to the point of violence. In 1929, that hatred was made distinctly visible as an angry mob of Arab rioters stormed the ancient city of Hebron, and massacred the Jewish inhabitants, raping and pillaging, murdering 67 Jews which included women and children. The Hebron Massacre was but one example of the deep seeded hatred which the Jews were up against in Palestine and Europe, but sadly, there was something much worse on the horizon, for the rise of Adolf Hitler and the Nazis loomed like a shadow over the entire world. In 1933 Hitler was elected into power, and soon after declared himself führer, establishing absolute control over Germany. In 1935 he passed the infamous Nuremberg Laws, which forbade Jews from marrying or having relations with Germans, holding public office, owning businesses, or even sitting on public benches. Meanwhile, Hitler secretly violated the Treaty of Versailles by building up the German army to near imperial proportions. Wherever the Germans took control, Jews were forced to be registered and wear arm bands or yellow stars of David to identify them as Jews. In November of 1938, Kristallnacht (Night of the Broken Glass) happened…

     By September of 1939, Germany attacked Poland and World War II officially began. Meanwhile, Jews were rounded up and put into ghettos, beaten, publicly humiliated, and murdered. Many were deported and forced into cattle cars, sending them by trains to concentration camps. I think we can all agree, that the Holocaust was most certainly the most horrific and darkest time in all of human history, showing us just how much evil human beings are capable of. But there is another side to the same story, because throughout the years of suffering, blood, fire and billows of smoke, yes even after six million Jewish souls and countless people from other minorities had been senselessly murdered in the most barbaric of ways, the Children of Israel held on to “Ha Tikvah” (The Hope), to one day live in freedom in the land of Zion and Jerusalem. It was that Hope our grandparents and people held on to, it was our song as we were burned alive in the crematorium, it was our song as we were choked in the gas chambers, it was our song during in the death marches, it was that Faith, that Song which became our Salvation and led to our survival as a nation. The war ended in 1945, the survivors were liberated from the camps. Many of the survivors had no homes or families to return to. Those who did return were no longer welcomed by the anti-Semitic locals. Incredibly, incidents like the pogrom of Kielce, Poland in 1946, where 42 Jewish men, women and children were murdered by a mob of Polish citizens just one year after the end of the war only worsened an already desperate situation. It was clear to the Jews we had no where in the world to go where we were welcomed.




Israel Independence 2

     It was at long last time for Jews to take matters into our own hands and fight if we had to, for our return to Zion. Organizations like the Haganah led by David Ben Gurion took charge in sending rescue ships to start bringing Jewish refugees from Europe and bring them home to Palestine. Against all odds, Jews poured into Palestine in more massive numbers than ever before. The Arab populace, encouraged by their leaders, began to riot, and even attack Jews. Over the next few years the British government seemed to all but forget the Balfour Declaration when they tried to appease the Arab world by attempting to halt, detain, even going as far as firing cannons onto Jewish refugee ships to stop Jews from entering Palestine. The Haganah went to war with Arab fighters, focusing on defending Jewish communities and fighting diplomatically in the newly formed United Nations for statehood. The Irgun on the other hand, was a Jewish resistance force led by Menachem Begin, who took a more aggressive approach and actively attacked British military and civilian targets. By 1947, it was clear to the whole world, Jews would no longer be led like sheep to the slaughter; from now on Jews would be strong and fight our enemies wherever they may rise against us. In November of 1947, the UN voted with a two thirds majority for the Partition of Palestine for the establishment of a Jewish State, and the British Government began preparations to leave Palestine in the coming year. The Jews gratefully accepted the two-state plan, which would have established an Arab and Jewish state side by side. The Arab leaders rejected the plan, and refused to recognize a Jewish state. 

 מִי-שָׁמַע כָּזֹאת, מִי רָאָה כָּאֵלֶּה–הֲיוּחַל אֶרֶץ בְּיוֹם אֶחָד, .אִם-יִוָּלֵד גּוֹי פַּעַם אֶחָת:  כִּי-חָלָה גַּם-יָלְדָה צִיּוֹן, אֶת-בָּנֶיה

Israel Independence 1

     “Who hath heard such a thing? Who hath seen such things? Is a land born in one day? Is a nation brought forth at once? For as soon as Zion travailed, she brought forth her children.”  – Isaiah 66:8

     It was prophetic, that after nearly two thousand years in exile, Zion’s children return, and a nation is re-born in a single day, on the 5th of Iyar 5708, May 14th, 1948, the State of Israel declared her independence. The joy and elation felt by Jews all over Israel and in the diaspora abroad was electric, you could feel it in the air. The longing, the Hope of so many generations having passed, not being able to see this day with their own eyes, but indeed they did see it, through their children. The voices of our ancestors echoed throughout Eretz Israel as people sang with pride the words of Ha Tikvah, Israel’s modern national anthem.“So long as yet within our breasts, the Jewish heart beats true, so long as yet to the east, to Zion looks the Jew. So long our Hope is not yet lost, two thousand years we treasured them, to live in freedom in the land of Zion and Jerusalem.”It is the same song that survivors sang after being liberated and can be heard in this rare recording. The sound of which honestly gives me chills, bringing tears to my eyes for everything it means, and every life represented in these voices. We remember them, and we remember all our fallen fathers and mothers, brothers and sisters, uncles, cousins, friends, teachers, neighbors, rabbis, doctors, artists, actors and musicians. All of them, we remember, and it is in their memory and honor that every subsequent action was taken. When Jews raised the Israeli flag over Eretz Israel for the first time, the Jews gave an answer loud and clear to the rest of the world, NEVER AGAIN! The Nazis are gone, and so are all our enemies of the past. The people of Israel live, Am Israel Chai! Od Avinu Chai – because our Father still lives!

     Almost as soon as independence was declared, five Arab nations simultaneously declared war on the day old Jewish State and attacked Israel from all sides. The people of the world thought the Arabs would drive the Jews into the sea, after all, the Israeli army was hardly equipped for such a large-scale war against five military giants. Israel had no tanks, just guns and grenades. A few very brave Jewish and non- Jewish American pilots and soldiers had volunteered and joined the fight to help the Israelis. The war was brutal as it went on until 1949, and yet somehow, by sheer miracle, the tiny “pipsqueak” nation won the war, and the wars that followed in years to come. Veterans of the Haganah and Irgun, now forming the Israel Defense Forces, could tell you all about their strategies, and yet they admit that they were up against incredible odds. They can tell so many mysterious stories of miracles and wonders, unexplained phenomena which somehow aided their efforts and worked in Israel’s favor. As David Ben Gurion himself said, “To live in Israel and not believe in miracles is not logical.”

Exodus and “Nakba,” the real untold story…

Palestinian nakba

Palestinian Arabs fleeing the war.

Refugees In Amman

Years later, Palestinian Arab refugees remain in camps at the whims of Arab states…      WHY?!Palestinian Refugees 2

     The images speak for themselves. But the whole picture must be shown, and not just one side of the story, as Arab and Western media so often report. Too often we hear about Palestinian refugees, and how they suffer because of Israel. Israel is thus painted as the big bad wolf, and Palestinian Arabs are portrayed as victims. But is this the whole story? Are these accusations backed by evidence? Let us review historic events.Arab propaganda claims that between 1947 and 1949, one million Palestinians were kicked out of their homes and fled the country. But this is a blatant lie!Firstly: Palestinian Arabs left their homes for several reasons, not because they were forced out.

–   Many thousands of wealthy Arab families fled Palestine in anticipation of war.-        Arab leaders constantly encouraged the people to flee their homes to make way for their armies, and in protest of Jewish “occupation.”    – A small number were indeed expelled by Jewish forces for strategic military reasons in response to constant Arab attacks on Jews.Secondly: A census taken by the British Government in 1945 found 1.2 million Arabs living in the region of Palestine. An Israeli census taken in 1949 revealed 160,000 Arabs living in Israel after the war. In 1947, over 800,000 Arabs lived in the region. The numbers indicate that Palestinian Arab refugees must have been no more than 650,000. A United Nations report counted 472,000 refugees, of which only 360,000 required aid.Thirdly: The plight of Jewish refugees is all but ignored in main-stream media. Why could that be I wonder? These were Jews whose families had lived in Arab countries for generations, flourishing and coexisting peacefully with their Arab neighbors. And yet, throughout that time Jews sometimes fell victim to radical attacks, riots and violent pogroms. When Israel declared its independence in 1948, Arab governments persecuted and expelled most if not all Jewish families from their countries. Between 1948 and 1972 the number of Jewish refugees was actually about 820,000, that is almost twice the number of Palestinian Arab refugees. They were forced to leave their homes, with Arab Governments confiscating most if not all their wealth and possessions. Jewish refugees were often expelled with little more than the clothes they were wearing and perhaps their Torah scrolls and other sacred texts carried with them throughout their very long journey to reach the Promised Land.


J35  J34      J32

     One of the reasons we do not hear much about Jewish refugees, is because the Israeli government settled them relatively quickly, even at great costs. Israel took care of her own. Why did the Arab governments not do the same with their own? The answer is quite simple really, Arab refugees from Palestine would be dubbed “Palestinians,” implying that they were once citizens of an imaginary independent nation called Palestine, and using them as political pawns, making them out to be victims of Israeli occupation of Palestinian land. Since then, the descendants of Jewish refugees live peacefully in Israel, while many Palestinian Arab refugees are kept in refugee camps by Arab regimes. Since then the Israeli government maintains that any future compensation to Palestinian Arab families must come with mutual Arab compensation to Jewish refugee families, Israel has once again offered a peaceful solution, but not one Arab regime has offered any such compensation.

Jerusalem/Judea & Samaria, Gaza and the Golan Heights

Jerusalem Today

     When Israel declared its independence in 1948, they won the war and declared West Jerusalem the capital, but East Jerusalem which included the old Holy City was captured and occupied by the Jordanian army. The Jordanians did as every other Arab state did in 1948, expelling all Jews from Jerusalem and the surrounding areas. For 19 years, Jordanian forces occupied the Holy City and Jews were forbidden from entering, or even so much as visit the Western Wall on holy days. The Jordanians not only expelled Jewish families, but went as far as to demolish their homes, ripping out the sacred mezuzah from the doorposts and using them as pavement to demonstrate their hatred toward Jews. Jerusalem remained occupied and off limits.

     Then in June of 1967, the Arab nations decided to strike again, planning an all-out invasion of Israel which would, in theory, spell out the ultimate demise of Zionism. Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Iraq and Lebanon declared war on Israel, the radical move being spearheaded by Jamal Abdul Nasser of Egypt. Egyptian armies expelled the UN peace keeping forces from the Sinai Peninsula and stationed themselves to attack the Jewish State. But this time Israel was prepared, having perfected her Mossad intelligence network in the years following independence. Israel Defense Forces carried out a preemptive strike, a surprise attack on Egyptian air forces in Sinai. In the first few hours of the day, Israel decimated Egypt’s air force and achieved air superiority. Egyptian, Syrian, and Jordanian forces immediately attacked from every border of Israel and fought savagely for six days, in a conflict which would come to be known as The Six Day War. In that conflict, Israel not only defended itself most effectively, but managed to capture the territories of Gaza and Sinai from Egyptian forces, the Golan Heights from Syrian forces, and the Judean-Samarian regions, also known as the West Bank, from Jordanian forces. Perhaps the greatest prize of all, came on June 7th, 1967, when the Holy City of Jerusalem was finally liberated after 19 long years; and for the first time in two thousand years, Jerusalem was in Jewish hands again. Many brave men and women gave their lives in that war, but the famous words declared in the following recording, proved that they did not die in vain. “Har ha Bait b’yadeinu! Har ha Bait b’yadeinu!” – “The Temple Mount is in our hands! The Temple Mount is in our hands!”

Jerusalem Liberated.jpg

     Jerusalem has since been liberated, united, protected, and opened to the free expression of every religion whose sounds can till this day be heard emanating from within her walls. Jerusalem is home to Jews, Christians, Muslims, Armenians, and many other groups of people who seek refuge here. Never again shall it be divided, never again will we ever let her go! Jerusalem belongs to the Jewish people; she is our home and eternal capital, and only the Jews have protected the rights of every religion to be freely practiced here. She is not a bargaining piece and should remain off the table of discussion. She is not-negotiable! Jerusalem and all of Israel stand as a shining light in the midst of a dark chaotic region of the world. In several modern Arab states, Christians and other religious and ethnic minorities suffer discrimination or much worse. Israel protects all of her minorities, and has become the protector of several religions and peoples; Jerusalem is a brilliant example of that protection and coexistence.

     Israel subsequently won the Six Day War, and years later also won the Yom Kippur War in 1973 when Arab states surprise attacked Israel on the holiest day of the Jewish calendar. The Arabs nearly won that war, had it not been for miraculous events which were put into motion many decades before. Golda Meir was Israel’s first female Prime Minister, and a great leader. But when the Yom Kippur War reached a point of desperation, she made a phone call to then United States President Richard Nixon. Nixon’s entire cabinet stood against the idea of helping the Israelis. Nixon, however, recalled his childhood and religious Christian upbringing, when his mother prophetically warned him that one day he would be placed in a position when the Jews will need his help, and that when that day would come, he had to help them because no one else will. As crazy as it may sound, this is a true story, and one of many stories of miracles which led to the existence of modern Israel. Nixon then ordered a large shipment of arms, tanks, and other vital supplies to the Israel Defense Forces, turning victory from a dream into a reality for the Jews. Since those days Israel has fought several wars, carried out many vital operations, fought terror groups such as Hamas and Hezbollah and protected Israeli civilians from harm. Israelis have suffered through two violent Palestinian Intifadas, including a knife intifada in recent years, two wars in in Lebanon in 1982 and 2006 , several operations in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank.  Twice now, has Israel saved the world from a nuclear holocaust – having bombed Saddam Hussein’s nuclear reactor in 1981 in Bagdad, Iraq – and having recently bombed a potential Syrian nuclear reactor near Damascus. Israel has also made headlines this year when Mossad agents exposed the Iranian nuclear weapons program to the world. Looking further back, Anwar Sadat of Egypt signed a historic peace treaty with Israel in 1979 and received the Sinai Peninsula. Jordan made history by signing a peace treaty with Israel in 1994. Even now, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain have made headlines, admitting the necessity of recognizing Israel’s legitimate right to exist in their own land and to defend themselves.

             Judea & Samaria


     I now turn my attention back to the main subject of this article, that is – the Jewish “Settlements” of Judea and Samaria. They are not settlements, but towns and villages. It is not called the West Bank; the land is historically known as Judea -JEW-DEA! It is time for the world to recognize that the Jews are the indigenous people of this land. It is time for the world to see that we are as much victims of this conflict as the Palestinians, but that they are the aggressors, not Israel. It is the Palestinians who constantly attack Israel with terrorism, not because they are oppressed but because they are fueled by indoctrinated hatred fed to them since the crib. Hatred is at the root of all this conflict, not on the Jewish side, for Jews have long coexisted peacefully with all societies including with Muslims. The hatred stems from the radical minded Palestinian Liberation Organization. They are the oppressors of their own people, not Israel! I have never heard a single Jewish family or Christian family for that matter, teach their children that Muslims are not human, or teaching them that killing Muslims is a righteous thing to do. This sort of hateful brain-washing is the sort of thing I have always heard only from the Palestinian camp, not the Israeli. It is time the world recognize the truth and stop being politically correct. The issue is not two sided. Is Israel perfect? No, we have plenty of problems in our camp, but we don’t teach our kids to hate! We don’t turn them into cold blooded killers or suicide bombers! It is time for Jews to take back the name of David upon ourselves and leave the Palestinian camp no choice but to bear the name of Goliath to their shame. I am not trying to be radical, I am trying to expose the lies of our enemies! I am trying to ignite a fire of inspiration among our people that will bring down the radical empire we have come to know as the PLO and all its branches. It is time for Jews to stop apologizing for who we are, for where we are from! We did not steal the land from the Arabs, that land is our birthright! And Arab Muslims, Christians, and any other religion or ethnic group is welcomed to coexist with us in peace upon our own ancient homeland of Israel, Judea, Samaria, all of it belongs to the Jews. We gave Gaza, sacrificing our own people in the process, Jews forcing Jews out for the sake of peace.

     The result? Years of endless barrages of rockets and bombs lobbed towards Israeli towns and villages. Terror tunnels, kidnapping Israeli soldiers and civilians, mass murders, stabbing attacks and much more. And the world wants us to give up more land? After watching the above video, can you who are reading this article honestly tell me that we are doing the right thing in the eyes of G-d?  You know it is wrong and you know it plays into the hands of our enemies. I do not blame the soldiers of the IDF, but they also know what you and I know in the deepest places of our hearts. We the Jewish people are being way too apologetic to the anti-Semitic demands of the world, and we are shooting ourselves in the foot. Anti-Zionism is indeed anti-Semitism. It is the refusal to recognize the right of the Jewish people to their natural and historic homeland, but to simultaneously graciously recognize the right of a violent and brutal Palestinian regime. The double standard against Jews could not be more evident to the world.  Enough is enough!

     Even Arafat said it when he outlined his agenda – to demand and take land from Israel piece by piece, until they can call upon their Arab brothers to come and give the final blow. Tell me, why are we playing into their hands? Because Peace Now demands it? Peace at any cost does not work! It never has, and it never will. Even the rest of the Muslim world is beginning to recognize that Israel is a nation with people and families just like them and must be equally recognized as a member of Middle Eastern states. They realize that is time to put the conflict of the 20th century behind them and move forward together in the 21st century for the betterment of the Middle East and the world. Just imagine how much good can be accomplished if our enemies lay down their weapons and actually decide to work with us. Imagine the innovation that would come to the Middle East and imagine the impact it would have on the world. I believe it starts in Israel, and Judea and Samaria are the keys to opening that door of prosperity, not by handing them over to the Palestinian Authority, they are but offshoots of the PLO and have proven to be instigators of terrorism, and by that fact have forfeited any and all diplomatic rights. Instead we must turn to new solutions.

     I propose, that the Israeli Government assume full control over Judea & Samaria, in both Arab and Jewish towns. I call for the complete dismantling of the Palestinian Authority and for the Israeli Ministry of Education to enforce a reformation of the education system. Throw out the old hate-filled textbooks, replacing them with new and proper textbooks conducive to a real human education. Re-name the streets named after suicide bombers! I propose that a reformation in education and tougher Israeli military and police presence could truly reshape the quality of life in Judea and Samaria. With better education comes new opportunities. With new opportunities come new economic incentives, new jobs, new innovative start up companies, Israelis and Arabs living and working together. As the quality of life progresses in the region over time, I propose a new aggressive Aliyah campaign should be implemented, providing powerful incentives for a new wave of young Jews from all over the world not only to come live in Israel, but to settle and build in Judean and Samarian territories. Eventually, I believe the Knesset should pass a new law, to annex Judea and Samaria, thereby uniting all of Israel from Eilat to Golan, Tel Aviv to the Jordan River, as one nation at long last.  Israel is the only Jewish State in the entire world! And it is the only Jewish State in a region of 22 Arab states. Is it too much to ask to finally be left alone? The Jews of Judea and Samaria are not “settlers” but pioneers. They follow in the footsteps of Theodore Herzl and those who first settled at Rishon L’Tzion. They are not terrorists, or obstacles to peace in any way shape or form. We the Jews of the diaspora should unite with our brothers and sisters in Israel, our only definite home in the world, to defend the rights of Jewish pioneers in Judea and Samaria and to declare to the world with one voice, THIS IS OUR LAND!  Once more I emphasize, that Muslims, Christians, and any other people are welcomed to become full and equal citizens under Israeli law, so long as they live peacefully and obey Israel’s laws. That any citizen or non-citizen engaging in acts of terror or violence shall be captured and dealt with most severely as the commanding officers of the Israel Defense Forces, Shin Bet or Mossad see fit. Promote Zionism more among Jews, Christians, Muslims, Druze and other communities in the region, because it is for all of them as well. Inspire them all to serve together in Israel’s military, let them have a sense of pride and love for their fellow Israelis and for their land, whether they be Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Bahai, Druze, or any other indigenous group of the Middle East. Think my ideas are crazy? Remember they said the same thing about Herzl and the first Zionist Congress. Peace through strength and leadership, not through weakness and cowardice. You never know, it may actually work. After all, Herzl’ s dream is far from finished, and there is still much work to be done.

     Almost all modern Israeli cities once began as settlements, if they were stopped at that time, where would Israel be today? There should be no more incidents like that of Netiv Ha Avot. Our ancestors dreamed of returning to this land. We have returned, and we should never be moved from her again. For Jews to be doing this to Jews, only to please the world, indeed shows how much Israelis want peace, but is also naïve, because our enemies will only demand more and more from us until there is nothing left.

     And so, I believe it is time for Jews to be free of mind and come together in strength. For we are the Jews! The Children of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. We are Israel and Israel is us. We gave the world the Holy Bible, we inspired Christianity and Islam, both of which have contributed to shaping the modern world. I AM A JEW! Yes, that’s right I said it! No, I won’t apologize. No, I’m not afraid of being targeted or ridiculed. It’s time for the Jewish Nation as a people to rise up worldwide and unite in strength! No longer will we be silent! No longer will we sit idly by while our brothers and sisters are murdered overseas and then painted as war criminals by the very assassins and murderers who have the audacity to claim the identity of David while somehow masking their Goliath-like stature from world view!

     I am an American, but first and foremost I am a Jew, a Hebrew, a Son of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob! To my brothers and sisters in Israel and the diaspora I say, royalty flows in your veins, the blood of prophets and kings from Moses to David and Solomon, from Queen Esther to Golda Meir! We are the Jews, and we will no longer be silent, for Zion is our home! Yes, I am a Zionist and proud, no apologies to anyone. Our journey is just beginning, Herzl’s dream is not over. It’s up to us to take the next steps. To my fellow Jews in America and all over the world! Stop apologizing for who we are! Embrace your identity! Remember Moses and David, Deborah and Esther! Remember our parents and grandparents who gave their lives for Zion’s sake. Rise up! Defend Zion! Defend Israel’s right! From the border of Egypt to the Lebanon! The Arab world will hate us, what else is new? But let them learn to respect us! It is time for Jews to stop thinking of ourselves as the weak minority and start remembering Who we have on our side and believe! Assimilation will have us believe these stories are fairy tales. Tell that to our grandparents who survived countless onslaughts of the nations to destroy us, and are alive today to keep the flame of Faith burning! And to never let it go out!

       ! עם ישראל חי


The People of Israel Live! – And we are not afraid!

Bourdain-A Past Unknown

I have to take a minute, break from the politics for a bit, and get something important off of my chest. It is with great sadness that I write about the passing of one of my television inspirations, celebrity chef and world traveler, Mr. Anthony Bourdain. When I woke up Friday morning and heard the news, well, my day officially started with a dark twist. I’m not going to say the man was my idol, no way, but I was a fan of his work. After all not only was he a great human being with a beautiful outlook on life and the world, he was also a Jew.

No, he wasn’t religious at all. In fact, he was quite the opposite, and yet life was his religion. What were his rituals? To explore the world, not tourist traps, but to get down and dirty, to sit down with the lesser known people of the world and have a meal with them. This unique method of culinary wonder earned Bourdain a most impeccable reputation not only in media, but in the hearts and minds of millions of viewers all around the world and the people who crossed paths with him.

Born in New York on June 25th, 1956, Bourdain was the eldest of two sons born to a French Catholic American father and a Jewish American mother.  He was raised in New Jersey, growing up on rock music and his love of literature. He eventually graduated from college and earned his title from the Culinary Institute of America in 1978. In the years that followed, his exceptional skills as a chef were proven to all. After many ups and downs, a lot of sweat and hard work, he quickly rose the ranks and became the executive chef at Brasserie Les Halles in 1998. Soon after he began to write culinary reviews, his sumptuous reputation already firmly established, his books became best-sellers, his first infamous article was titled “Don’t Eat Before Reading This.” In the year 2000 he published his best-seller – “Kitchen Confidential: Adventures in the Culinary Underbelly.” In 2002, Bourdain embraced his destiny as he started his first tv-series on the Food Network titled “A Cook’s Tour,” where he traveled the world in search of delicious cuisines from the most exotic cultures. His love of food and normal-every day people, along with his rough-n’tough personality became world renowned. In 2005 he started his hit series, “Anthony Bourdain – No Reservations” on the Travel Channel. I was in high school at that time, and remember watching his show for the first time and thinking, “Man, I wish I had his job!” I was hooked, I loved tuning in after school, and occasionally whenever I stayed home “sick in bed,” and watch the episodes.

In 2013 Anthony once again made a come-back, this time on CNN, his most famous show titled, “Parts Unknown.”  The title says it all, and this was my favorite series. Like him, I love to travel to new exotic places, and much like him, I hate being “the tourist.” I’d much rather strike up a conversation with a local cab driver and ask him to point me to the places he likes to eat, share a drink or two, and get a real taste of the local culture on my tongue. In fact, I got much of my travel habits and personality from watching his shows. So, I guess you can say Anthony unknowingly had a hand in raising me. Some of my favorite episodes he ever did, were his visits to Miami – my hometown, Lebanon – my father’s country, and ISRAEL – OF COURSE! Like Bourdain I’m also Jewish on my mother’s side. It was his unique unbiased approach to sitting down with folks on both sides of the political fence that really won my heart as a viewer. He began his Israel episode by saying, “By the end of this hour, I’ll be seen by many as a terrorist sympathizer, a Zionist tool, a self-hating Jew, an apologist for American imperialism, an Orientalist, socialist, a fascist, CIA agent, and worse.” He also stated, “It’s easily the most contentious piece of real estate in the world, and there’s no hope — none — of ever talking about it without pissing somebody, if not everybody, off. ( I laughed hysterically at both comments, because growing up attempting to avoid the subject with either my paternal Muslim family, and my maternal Judeo-Christian mixed family, but always caught in the middle and being forced to talk about it – I KNEW EXACTLY WHAT HE MEANT!

You may think my favorite scene of him was when he posed for a picture wearing tefillin at the Western Wall in Jerusalem, which was an awesome pic, but not my favorite scene. It was actually from an episode where he sat down with a couple in the West Bank territories of Judea-Samaria. The husband was Palestinian-Muslim and the wife was Israeli-Jewish, and an AMAZING blend of culture and tastes. It was a very colorful display as Bourdain sat down with the couple, proving to the world that when love is involved, peace is indeed both possible AND DELICIOUS! Anthony passed from this world on Friday, June 8th, 2018 and left a sorrowful after-taste in my heart and that of so many fans around the world. His humor and rough-around the edges manner of connecting with the most unexpected of peoples from all corners of the globe, will be sorely missed and I can only hope, to one day be half as successful as he was.  The final and most heartbreaking way I related with him, is depression. While I probably could never understand his exact predicament or the reasons why he made his fateful decision, I do not judge him either because I know exactly what depression is like.

Quite frankly, I wish I could have known him personally, or at least have maybe been there in his final moments. Perhaps I could have talked him out of it, and showed him how many people he inspired, and maybe he just didn’t realize we were there the entire time. But in the end, the sad reality is what hits us, and we are left with the sour ending of a modern icon whom I consider to have been one of the first legends of the 21st century. But that itself is what I loved about who Anthony was, because he had a way of taking the bitterness we thought we knew and showing us an entirely new side of the same story. If you ever thought someone else’s food smelled funky, he had a way of putting you in their shoes, and letting you know your food smells just as funky to them. Anthony showed us the world in a way so many of us had never seen before, and proved that the fastest way to the human heart, no matter what the difference, was through our bellies. So as a fellow Jew, I will keep him and his family in my prayers. As a fellow human soul,  I toast and raise a glass in his memory. RIP Mr. Anthony Bourdain 1956 – 2018.

Here’s a clip from an episode of “Star Talk” where Anthony is interviewed by another favorite celebrity of mine, Neil deGrasse Tyson